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The primary source of information about books on railway history is George Ottley's monumental bibliograpy, with its two supplements (no serious public library can claim to be that if Ottley is not available). Jack Simmons' overall evaluative surveys of the literature (both in his own books and in the Oxford Companion – Ottley is mainly non-evaluative) are also useful, but Simmons was less concerned about railway engineering. Literature in journals about steam locomotives is contained in Jones' Steam locomotive Development, but the bulk of that is available within this website. Due to the extreme paucity of the public library service in Norfolk for material other than English literature excessive reliance has  had to be placed upon Ottley and its Supplements. Is it to be wondered that Norfolk is the centre of "creative writing"? The online public access catalogues, especially that of the British Library, but also of university and public libaries (notably Hampshire and the Devon County Library at Newton Abbot) are also useful. Where reference to books has been made in journals such books are listed herein..Please inform the "webmaster" of any major omissions.

Abbott, Rowland A.S.
Cited by Lowe for providing assistance
Crane locomotives: a survey of British practice. Norwich: Goose & Sons, 1973.
Part One: Crane Locomotives Built New by Private Builders, 1868-1950 Dubs and Co., Glasgow; Neilson and Co., Glasgow; Manning, Wardle and Co. Leeds; Black, Hawthorn and Co., Gateshead; Beyer, Peacock and Co., Manchester; R. & W. Hawthorn, Leslie and Co., Newcastle upon Tyne; Barclays and Co, Kilmarnock; Andrew Barclay Sons and Co., Kilmarnock; Grant, Ritchie and Co., Kilmarnock; Vulcan Foundry Limited, Newton-le-Willows; Hudswell, Clarke and Co., Leeds; Nasmyth, Wilson and Co., Patricroft; Kerr, Stuart and Co., Stoke-on-Trent. Part Two: Crane Locomotives Built New by Railway Companies, 1888-1921: North Eastern Railway Co., Gateshead Works; London and North Western Railway Co., Crewe Works; Great Western Railway Co., Swindon Works. Part Three: the Hybrid Types; Crane Locomotives Rebuilt From Normal Locomotives by Railway Companies, 1866-1924: London and North Western Railway Co., Crewe Works; North London Railway Co., Bow Works; Great Western Railway Co., Swindon Works; Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co., Horwich Works; Great Eastern Railway Co., Stratford Works; Great Central Railway Co., Gorton Works; Great Northern Railway Co., Doncaster Works.
The Fairlie Locomotive. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1970.
Ottley 10086
Vertical boiler locomotives and railmotors built in Great Britain. Oxford: Oakwood, 1989.
Ottley 15776

Acworth, W.M.

Adams, Will
Locomotives we have lost. Addlestone: Oxford Publishing Co., 2015. 260pp.
Divided into five sections representing each of the post-grouping companies as amalgamated into British Railways, plus the BR standard types. Locomotive types which have been preserved (paradigm Mallard) are excluded. Most of the illustrations are based on colour photographs: many are perfectly satisfactory, but some are very poor: see page 40 for poor image of Aberdare 2-6-0, for instance or page 135 (top) for Dunalastair III. Many of those included had seen better days prior to 1939 and might have been better served with an earlier illustration. The steady growth of reproductions (paradigm Tornado) is noted. The copy inspected had arrived at Sheringham Library and been missed by KPJ prior until 2019. It is large, but not unwieldy and has an index and a list of sources..
Trainspotting days. Kettering: Silver Link, 2006.

Adderson, Richard and Kenworthy, Graham
Branch lines around Cromer. Midhurst: Middleton Press, 1998. 96pp. [Series Editor  Vic Mitchell].
Further info

Addyman, John

Agnew, W.A.
Electric trains; their equipment and operation; including electric locomotives. London: Virtue, 1937. 2 v. 506pp.
Ottley 3106: seen very reasonably priced in Cromer secondhand bookshop

Surnames beginning "Ah"

Ahrons, E. L.
See separate entry

Aldrich, C. Langley.

Aldcroft, Derek H.
Studies in British transport history 1870-1970. David & Charles, 1974. 309pp.
Ottley 8019 which notes extensive index. Reviewed by Basil K. Cooper in Railway World, 1974, 35, 436

Alexander, Colin
The Vulcan Foundry — 150 years of engineering. Stroud: Amberley Publishing. 96pp,
Reviewed by Phil Atkins in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 318

Alexander, F.  and E.S. Nicoll.
The register of Scottish signal boxes. F. Arbroath: Author [133 pp]. spiral bound
Copy in National Library of Scotland map collection. Spiral bound. Reviewed in NBRSG Journal Number 41. Warning to users (from review): maps do not overlap

Allchin, M.C.V.

All stations. Thames & Hudson Ltd. 135pp
Based  on the exhibition 'Le Temps du Gare' which was first staged in Paris and subsequently at the Science Museum, London: reviewed Railway Wld, 1982, 43, 94,

Allen, C. Edgar
The modern locomotive. Cambridge University Press, 1912.  174pp.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1912, 18, 90.

Allen, Cecil J.
Assessment of authorship and books

Allen, G.C.
Railways: British railways from their beginning until 1960. Oxford, Blackwell, 1960. viii, 112 p. + front. + 19 plates. 38 illus. (incl.. 9 line drawings: s. els.), diagr., table. (Blackwell's pocket histories, No.7).
An admirable introduction to railway history.

Allen, G.F.
British Railways, today and tomorrow, London, Ian Allan, 1959. 196 p. + col. front. + 48 plates. 141 illus., 2 diagrs., 9 tables.
Steam received considerable attention in this edition, but by the 3rd (1962) edition this had been reduced to one "decline of steam."
The Eastern yesterday and todayIan Allan Ltd, 64pp illus (paperback)
Noted in Railway Wld, 1982, 43, 380

Allen, Ian
55 years of East Anglian steam. Poole: Oxford Publisihing Co., 1982.
Collection of photographs: book dedicated to Driver Bill Last.

Allen, Peter Christopher
The railways of the Isle of Wight. Locomotive Publishing Co. Ltd. 1928. 83pp. 32 illus., 2 maps  
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1928, 34, 271. Ottley 1896

Anderson, P. Howard
Forgotten railways: the East Midlands. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1973. 224pp.
Ottley 8994

Andrews, Michael
The Furness Railway: a history. Lindal-in-Furness: Barrai Books. 2012. 248+viii pp, 192 monochrome & 24 colour illustrations.
Reviewed by Gordon Blddle in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2012 (215), 51

Armstrong, Jim
LNER locomotive development between 1911 and 1947, with a brief history of developments from 1850 to 1911. Beer (Seaton): Peco. 1974. 93pp. many illus and diagrs. (s. els)

Asher, L.L.

Ashworth, Ben
The last days of steam in Gloucestershire. Sutton Publishing, 137pp.
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1983, 44, 522

Atkins, A.G.,
GWR goods cartage. Volume 2: Garages, liveries, cartage and containers. Crecy Publishing, 2019, hardback, 208 pp.
Reviewed by GAB. in Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 62
GWR goods wagons. with W. Beard, D.J. Hyde and R. Tourret. Newton Abbot. David & Charles, 1975/6. 2v. 
Ottley 12022 now replaced by 3rd edition reviewed published by Tourret Publishing BackTrack 14 page 374: the "definitive work"

Atkins, [C.] Philip
See also authorship

Atkinson, J.B/
The West London joint railways. Ian Allan, 1984.
See also as photographer

Atterbury, Paul

Atthill, Robin
Atthill's contribution to the literature of the railways in Northern Somerset are assessed in a thoughtful contribution by Neil Burgess in the defunct LMS Journal No. 38 p. 42 et seq
Old Mendip.
Dawlish: David & Charles, 1964. 204 pp.
The Somerset & Dorset Railway; with contributions by O.S. Nock
. Newton Abbot (Devon), David & Charles, 1967. 200 pp. + col. front. + 24 plates. 68 illus., (incl. 4 ports)., diagrs., 11 tables, 3 maps. Bibliog.

Aves, William
The Railway Operating Division on the Western Front: the Royal Engineers in France and Belgium 1915-1919. Donington: Shaun Tyas. 208pp.
Reviewed by Grahame Boyes in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2011 (210), 52-3.

Awdry, Christopher
Brunel's broad gauge railway: commemorating the Centenary of the GWR's gauge conversion. Sparkford: Oxford Publishing, 1992. 144pp.
Chapter 7: Locomotives and rolling stock. One page bibliography (only books cited with any hope of finding them).
Encyclopaedia of British railway companies. Wellingborough: Patrick Stephens Ltd., 1990. 288pp.

Surnames beginning "Ba"

Bagwell, Philip S.
Bailey, Michael R.

Bairstow,  Martin
Midland Railway outpost Lancaster-Morecambe-Heysham.
Willowherb Publishing. A5 landscape, hardback. 112pp.
Reviewed by Michael Blakemoor in Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 253

Baker, Allan Charles
Bagnalls of Stafford: locomotive builders and railway engineers of the Castle Engine Works, Stafford, England 1875-1972. with Thomas David Allen Civil. Oakwood, 1975. 265pp.
Includes list of locomotives manufactured. Ottley 15728
'Deltics' at work. with Gavin Morrison. lan Allan Ltd, 144pp.
Reviewed Railway World, 1986, 47, 18
One hundred years of locomotive & rolling stock engineering: a brief history of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers & the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Railway Division, 1911-2011. London: Institution of Mechanical Enineers, 2011. 53pp.

Baker, H. Wright., ed.
Inchley's theory of heat engines, 5th ed. London Longmans Green, 1942.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1942, 48, 182

Baker, Michael H.C.
Taking the train - a tribute to Britain's greatest railway photographers. Michael H.C. Baker. Sparkford: Patrick Stephens. 1993. 176pp.
A very important source of biographical information about some of the most significant photographers of the railway scene in Great Britain and Ireland. The samples of their art appear to have been chosen with care by the author/photographer. The following are included: P.M. Alexander, Dr Ian C. Allen, W.J.V. Anderson. H.J. Ashman, E.D. Bruton, H.C. Casserley, C.R.L. Coles, S.T. Cowan, Derek Cross, M.W. Earley, F.R. Hebron, George F. Heiron, T.G. Hepburn, D.M.C. Hepburne-Scott, C.C.B. Herbert, John Kennedy, Rev A.H. Malan, Michael Mensing, O.J. Morris, Brian Morrison, Rex Murphy, David Murray, Ivo Peters, P. Ransome-Wallis, R.C. Riley, Peter Shoesmith, G.H. Soole, R.D. Stephen, H. Gordon Tidey, Eric Treacy, E.R. Wethersett, and P.B. Whitehouse.

Ball, Richard and Peter Chatham.
The LNWR 42ft Carriages of Richard Bore. LNWR Society. Soft cover, spiral bound A4 landscape. 50pp.
Reviewed by BCL [Barry Lane?] in Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 190

Barclay-Harvey,  Malcolm
A History of the Great North of Scotland Railway. London: Locomotive Publishing Co. Ltd., 1940. viii, 222pp.
Ottley 5874. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1940, 46, 113. Available as an e-book from

Bardell, Peter Sidney
The balancing of steam locomotives: a dynamical problem of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: a thesis submitted to the University of London for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. (History of Science & Technology Group, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. 1988.

Barger, Ralph L.
The Palace Cars. Sykesville: Greenberg, 1988.
Detailed history of Pullman cars: bibliographical details checked Library of Congress catalog

Barman, Christian

Barnes, R.
Locomotives that never were: some 20th century British projects. London: Jane's, 1985. 96pp. Further info

Barran, Sir David
London Rail Study. London: Greater London Council, 1974. 2 volumes
Ottley 8800. See Skelsey Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 178

Barrie, D.S.

Bartlett, Paul
An illustrated history of BR revenue wagons. Vol One. Poole: Oxford Publishing 659乐彩, 1985. 192pp,
Other authors: D. Larkin, T. Mann T, R. Silsbury and A. Ward . Ottley 16106

Barton, D.B.
The Redruth & Chasewater Railway, 1824-1915. Truro: Truro Bookshop, 1960.
Ottley 7183: note not Chacewater which was not reached.

Batson, R.G.  and J.H. Hyde.
Mechanical testing. Vol. II. R.G. Batson and J.H. Hyde. London: Chapman & Hall. 446pp. 313 illustrations.
Volume 2 reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1923, 29, 27

Baughan, Peter E.
See also Regional history Volume 11 North and Mid Wales.  Newton Abbot: David & Charles: 1980.
The Chester & Holyhead Railway. Vol 1.  Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 324 pp.
Reviewed by KHS in Rly Wld, 1973, 34, 82. It is probable that a Volume 2 was never published..
North of Leeds: the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle line and its branches. Hatch End: Roundhouse Books, 1966. 506pp.
Ottley 12347 who notes extensive bibliography

Baxter, Bertram

Beale, Donald
Donald Beale's Somerset and Dorset : Somerset and Dorset footplate memories from the pen of Donald Beale.  Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust, 1996. 96pp.
Only copy available seems to be in Newton Abbot Library

Beaumont, Martin
Sir John Hawkshaw – the life and work of an eminent Victorian engineer. Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society, hardback, 160pp., 167 illustrations.
Reviewed by PT (Peter Tatlow?) in Backtrack (2016, 30, 382) and given five star rating.

Beavor, E.S.

Beddoes, Keith, Wheeler, Colin and Wheeler, Stephen
Metro-Cammell: 150 years of craftsmanship. Cheltenham: Runpast, 1999. 112pp.
Mainly official photographs and extracts from press materal as published in journals like Railway Gazette. Metro-Cammell built the body work for many steam railcars: p. 24: SECR Railmotor No. 1 of 1901 with Metropolitan coachwork and p. 44: Sentinel-Cammell steam railcar for LMS: No. 4144

Bedford, W.H.
Working  models of engine valve gears, No. 2, Wigan.
Meyer gear: reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1903, 8, 123

Beesley, Gerald M.
Henry Eoghan O'Brien: an engineer of nobility. New Ross (Ireland): Author, 2018. 239pp.
Reviewed by Kevin Jones in Archive and by Stephen Rowson in Rly Canal Hist. Soc. J.

Bell, A.M.
Locomotives. their construction, maintenance and operation... London, Virtue, 3rd ed. 1936. 2 v. (viii, 433 p.- consecutive pagination). 2 col. fronts. 53 illus., 246 diagrs., tables.
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 234: it may seem a trifle incestuous, but presumably Virtue was better able to market the work than the Locomotive Publishing Co.
Locomotives: their construction, maintenance and operation.... London, Virtue, 7th ed. 1949. 2 v. (464 p.) + 2 fronts. (incl. 1 col. folding) + 6.plates (incl.. 4 folding & 4 col.) 75 illus., 244 diagrs. (incl. 25 s. els.), 4 tables, 4 plans.
This work was intended for the apprentice fitter or locomotive man. It is also useful as a technical introduction for the enthusiast.

Bell, A.R. and others

Bell, Robert
History of the British railways during the War, 1939-1945. London: Railway Gazette, 1946. 291pp.
Twenty-five years of the North. Eastern Railway, 1898-1922. London: Railway Gazette, 1951. 87 pp.

Bell, W.J.
The British locomotive illustrated. London: A. & C. Black. 95 pp.
Reviewed Loco. Mag., 1933, 39, 166. Ottley 3032 who noted that forty three full-page illustrations each faced a page of descriptive material. See also Walter John Bell

Bellwood, J. and Jenkinson, David
Gresley and Stanier, 2nd ed. London, HMSO, 1986.
Bellwood was the Chief Mechanical Engineer at York Railway Museum. He was responsible for bringing many of the once static exhibits back to life. Sadly his life was shortened by working with asbestos boiler lagging when working with the LNER. 1st edition reviewed Rly Wld, 1976, 37, 353..

Benest, K.R.
Metropolitan electric locomotives. Lens of Sutton, 1963. 44pp.
Ottley 926

Bennett, Alan
The Great Western Railway in Mid Cornwall. Southampton: Kingfisher, 1988. 96pp.
Includes the mainline and its former destination in Falmouth, the complicated network of branch lines serving the china clay industry and the branch lines to Newquay (both from Par and from Chacewater) and those to Fowey (from Loswithiel and from Par. The St Blazey workshops have a separate chapter as does Truro with its branch down to Newham on the tideway. The photographs are beautifully reproduced and the text is excellent. The development of the tourist industry in Newquay, and to a lesser extent at Perranporth, is considered at length.

Bennett, Alfred Rosling

Bentley, Wallace.
Sketches of engine and machine detail. 2nd edition. Wallace Bentley. Halifax: Bentley Publishing Co.
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1900, 5, 147:  ABEBOOKS notes editions produced by Chapman & Hall until late 1930s. Not in Ottley.

Bett, Wingate H.  and John C. Gillham.
Great British tramway networks. London: Light Railway Transport League, 4th ed., 1962. 200pp. + folding maps + 56 plates..
Further info

Biddle, Gordon
Britain's historic railway buildings: an Oxford gazetteer of structures and sites. OUP. 2003. 759pp.
Further info

Binns, Donald
Meyer articulated locomotives: the definitive history; with contribtion by Günter Koch. Skipton: Trackside, 1997.
Details from BNB do not quite agree with book seen NRM where KPJ "thought" title was Kitson Meyer articulated locomtives and date of publication was 1985/1993. Binns also published a book on articulated locomotives with Bradford Barton in 1975.

Bird, G.F. [George Frederick]
Locomotives of the Great Northern Railway. Locomotive Publishing Co., 1910.
Book form (it began as articles in Locomotive Mag). in Locomorive Mag., 1903, 8, 205. Available free  as e-book or cheaply as a Kindle book Began as articles in Locomotive Mag. Groves points to errors

Bishop, F.C.
Queen Mary of the iron road, as told to M.C.D.Wilson and A.S.L. Robinson. London, Jarrolds, 1946.150 p.+ front.+ 14 plates. 14 illus.
A "ghosted" autobiography of Driver Bishop — the driver who accompanied the Coronation Scot to the New York World's Fair.

Bixley, G. and others
An illustrated history of Southern wagons. Volume 3. SECR. London: Ian Allan, 2000

Blake, W A.
London Midland steam doubleheaded. Truro: Bradford Barton
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1979, 40, 94

Blakemore, Michael and Michael Rutherford.
Duchess of Hamilton: ultimate in Pacific power. York: NRM, 1990. 52pp.
Although superficially about one locomotive this work describes the whole class

Blower, Alan
British railway tunnels. London: Ian Allan, 1964. 108pp. + plates

Body, Geoffrey
Railways of the Western Region. Patrick Stephens. 280pp, hardback
Reviewed Railway Wld, 1983, 44, 522
Real railway tales: from taking the marks to double derailment; with Bill Parker. Stroud: History Press, 2014.

Bolger, Paul
BR steam motive power depots — ScR. Ian Allan, 1983. 112pp.
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1983, 44, 93
. Other titles in series available via Amazon for pence.
BR Steam Motive Power Depots — WR. Ian Allan, 128pp, hardback
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1983, 44, 522.

Bonavia, Michael B.

Bond, Roland C.
A lifetime with locomotives. Cambridge: Goose, 1975. 329pp.

Boocock, Colin
BR steam in colour, 1948-1968. London: Ian Allan, 1986.
Boocock had trained at Eastleigh and presented at least one professional paper: his comments on steam locomotive design are pertinent.

Booth, Chris
The Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway: Chesterfield to Langwith Junction, the Beighton branch and Sheffield District Railway.
Reviewed by Phil Atkins Backtrack, 2018, 32, 510

Booth, Henry
An account of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. 1830
(Ottley 6404)

Bosley, Peter
Light railways in England and Wales. Manchester University Press, 1990. 240pp.

Botzow, Hermann S.D.
Monorails. Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation.
Reviewed by JRD in Railway Wld., 1960, 21, 255

Bourne, John
A catechism of the steam engine. London. 1847-
Ottley 2969 who noted that only the later editions (4th of 1856 and subsequent editions) included locomotives. Appeared to be aimed at enginemen. Never seen by KPJ.
Recent improvements in the steam-engine : in its various applications to mines, mills, steam navigation, railways, and agriculture, being a supplement to 'The catechism of the steam-engine'. London:  Longmans, Green, 1869.
Not available from Halthi do not trust: available NLS

Bowen Cooke, C.J.
British locomotives: their history, construction; and modern development. Facsimile reprint. Woking: Gresham Books, 1979.

Box, Charles
The Liverpool Overhead Railway, London: Railway World Ltd. 189 pp. 84 illustrations, 28 maps or diagrams.
Reviewed Railway Wld, 1960, 21, 63.

Boyd, J.I.C.

Boyes, Grahame
The Peak Forest Canal and Railway: an engineering and business history. with Brian Lamb. Lincoln: Railway & Canal Historical Society, 2012,  220 pp.
Reviewed by Derek Brumhead. in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2013 (216), 57. Brian Lamb was a posthumous author

Surnames beginning "Br"

Bradley, D[onald] L[aurence]

Bradley, Rodger P.
Giants of steam the full story of the North British Locomotive Co. Ltd. Oxford Publishing. 1995. 198pp.
Foreword by Sir Hugh Reid, President of the North British Locomotive Preservation Group. The company was formed in 1903 from companies, the oldest of which was Sharp, Roberts & Co., originally of Manchester, Neilson, and Dübs & Co. The extensive tabulated data records the varied output for 659乐彩 and overseas railways. The experimental Reid-Ramsay condensing turbine electric locomotive, and the Reid-Ramsay-McLeod development from it are described at some length. The design of the Royal Scot and B17 classes for the LMS and LNER respectively is also described as is the experimental high pressure locomotive Fury. The late and disappointing ventures in electric and diesel traction is also discussed. The financial record is observed.  The North British Collection of photographs at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow is mentioned. The illustrations leave much to be desired and the captions are often inaccurate.
LNER 4-6-0s. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1988.
Includes 4-6-0s from the pre-Grouping companies. Rather thin. Ottley 18142..
The standard steam locomotives of British Railways. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1984. 112pp.
Adds nothing to what is treated more thoroughly elsewhere, notably by Cox and in the RCTS series.

Bradley, Simon

Braine, Peter

Brandon, David  and Alan Brooke.
The railway haters: opposition to railways from the 19th to 21st centuries. Barnsley: Pen & Sword Books, 2019 416 pp.
Reviewed by Geoffrey Skelsey in Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 253

Bray, Maurice
Railway tickets, timetables and handbills. Moorland, 1985.
See Backtrack 2-17 (page 18) for note on the utility of this book

Bray, Nigel S.M.
A Wiltshire railway remembered: the Devizes branch. Chippenham: Picton, 1984. 92pp.
Ottley 17841.

Briggs, Asa
The power of steam. 1990.
Mentions George Stephenson's interest in electricity.

Brindle, Steven
Paddington Station: its history and architecture. Swindon: English Heritage, 2013.
Reviewed Backtrack, 2007, 21, 384 and by Gordon Biddle in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc.,2013 (218)

Brinkworth, R.E.
The vacuum brake and related applliances. London: Locomotive Publishing Co., 1932
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1932, 38, 378

British Railways.
Diesel traction manual for enginemen. London: British Transport Commission, 1962. 271pp. 186 diagrs. (some coloured)
Companion to steam locomotive handbook below but with a decorated cover as compared with plain black of steam book! Inevitably has dated to a greater extent to its steam companion.

British Railways Press Bureau [or Office]
Facts and figures about British railways. annual 28-32pp.
See Ottley (Supplement): 7953 and review in Locomotive Mag., 1930, 36, 432

British railways pre-grouping atlas and gazetteer. Ian Allan, 1948
Reprinted many times including 2011 with shortened title: contains errors

British Transport Commission
Handbook for steam locomotive enginemen. London, 1957. 196pp. 89 diagrams. (44 colour)
Extremely lucid: diagrams are consistently colour coded (oil, water, steam. etc). See Fig. 8. There are sections on valve gears, lubrication, braking systems, and at a deeper level the causes of dark smoke. Includes eccentricities of Southern Pacifics and those of the GWR. Clarity has probably never been bettered. There was a similar Handbook for diesel traction. Blurb in Townroe's 'Arthurs', 'Nelsons' & 'Schools' indicates that he was Author of this excellent text. Foreword by R.F. Harvey... Reviewed in Rly Wld, 1964, 25, 314. Obvious e-book candidate.

Locomotive Performance and Efficiency Test Bulletins
Transport statistics.
See Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 98

Brookbank, B.W.L.  
London main line war damage. Capital, 2007?.
Reviewed in Steam World, 2007 (243) p. 65. Author of several series of articles in Backtrack

Brooks, Philip R.B.
William Hedley – locomotive pioneer. Newcastle 1980.

Brotchie, A.W.
Early railways of West Fife: an industrial and social commentary, Catrine: Stenlake, 2007.
Joint author: Harry Jack. Reviewed by Michael Lewis in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2009, 36, 59-60 who considers that the "book's contribution to early railway history is immense" which implies that poor old pensioner will have to pay the so-called free library service £4.50 to see it or wait until he returns to Scotia or other bibliographically rich area.
Wemyss Private Railway. Oakwood Press, 1998.

Brown, F.A.S.
From Stirling to Gresley, 1882-1922. Oxford: Oxford Publishing Co., 1974.149pp. illus. diagrs. (incl. s. els).
Extremely poor index. Variable in treatment: Ivatt receives less detailed analysis than either Stirling or Gresley. In the case of Stirling there is a considerable of amount of useful material about the Stirling family in general. Reviewed Rly Wld, 1976, 37, 353-4...
Great Northern locomotive engineers. Volume 1 1846-1881. London: Allen & Unwin, 1966. 252pp.
Detailed entry
Nigel Gresley : locomotive engineer. London, Ian Allan, 1961. 215 pp.. + 34 plates (incl. 2 folding). 107 illus. (incl.. port.), l6 diagrs. Bibliog.

Brown, G.A., J.D.C.A. Prideaux and H.G.  Radcliffe
The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. Dawlish, David & Charles, 1964. 134p. + col. front. + 24 plates. 63 illus., 29 diagrs. (incl. s. els.), 13 tables, 8 plans, map. Bibliog.

Brown, Kenneth, R.C. Riley and Alan Thomas
British road steam vehicles. London: Collins & Brown, 1999. 112pp.
Includes colour illustration of Aveling-Barford steam roller supplied to GWR c1947 as preserved near Redruth in May 1987.

Brown, William
Hush-Hush: the story of LNER 10000. Southampton: Kestrel Railway Books. 2010.  122pp.

Brownlie, John S.
Railway steam cranes: a survey of progress since 1875, with notes on geographical spread of the British crade trade and biography of leading member firms.. Glasgow: Author, 1973. 369pp.
Ottley 10675: who unusually adds: "A comprehensive and detailed work.". See appreciative letters in Archive Number 21 page 37, notably that by Ian Muir (who adds some biographical notes about the Author)

Bruce, Alfred
The steam locomotive in America. W.W. Norton, 1952.
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1953, 59, 130 (publidshed Allen & Unwin Ltd)

Bruce, William Scott
The railways of Fife. Perth: Melven Press.
Reviewed by G.A. Lyall. NBR Study Gp J., 1980, (11) 29-30

Brunton, John
John Brunton's book, 1812-1899—memories reproduced by J. H. Clapham. London: Cambridge University Press.  viii, 163pp.
Ottley 2513. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1940, 46, 114. Note  bibliographical description varies between LM an Ottley

Bryan, Tim

Bryant, E.T.
Railways: a readers guide. London: Clive Bingley, 1968.
Jones pointed out several errors and limitations, but the limitations of public libraries have long since overtaken works like Bryant's.

Buchanan, R. Angus.
Brunel: the life and times of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. London: Hambledon & London, 2002. 294pp.
Reviewed by Gordon Biddle. J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2003, 34, 259-60.

Bucknall, Rixon
Bulleid, H.A.V.

Bullock, Bob
H.C.S. Bullock: his life and locomotives by Kenneth Allan Bullock; compiled and edited by Bob Bullock. Dorchester: A to B Books, 2017. 128 pp.
Buider of 10¼ gauge locomotives associated with the Surrey Border & Camberley Railway and the late 1930s. See also Bullock

Burgess, H.C.H.
Working with L.M.S. steam. Truro: Bradford Barton, 1983. 143pp.

Burridge, F.H.A.
Nameplates of the Big Four, including British Railways. Oxford Publishing, 1974.
Name plates of the L.N.E.R. locomotives. Bournemouth: Sydenham & Co.
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Directory of railway stations. Sparkford: Patrick Stephens, 1995. 296pp.
Claimed to have listed every public and private passenger station, halt, platform and atopping place,, past and present. The entry for Attimore Hall Halt is incorrect as stated that closed in 1905 as Eileen Davey nee Hall remembered using the Halt during World War II. Reviewed in Backtrack, Vol. 9, page 677

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Reviewed by David Greenfield in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc. 2017, (230), 188.

Surnames beginning "Ca"

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Reviewed by John Marshall in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2005, 35, 209: he received it well noting the bibliography, index and complete record of locomotives manufactured.

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Originated as University of Pittsburgh PhD thesis. Obviously not in Norwich's miserable collection of novellas, but is at UEA catalog. Ottley 12158 and 12168.

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Diary of an early trainspotter: notes from the 1922-1941 diaries of the late Reverend Harold Carson; edited and published by John Carson. Gamlingay: Authors OnLine, 2010. 89pp. See also paragraph on enthusiasts

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Not in Ottley: available on Internet

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First published in 1936.

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Ottley 1192 originally published in 1950. Reviewed by J.T.G. in Railway Wld., 1975, 36, 36.
John Galloway, 1804-1894, engineer of Manchester, and his 'Reminiscences'. Manchester 1955.
Ottley 2889: reprinted from Trans Lancashire Cheshire Antiquarian Soc., 1954, 64, 93-116.

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An introduction to Great Western locomotive development. Barnsley: Pen and Sword. 356pp.
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Railways in Britain and the United States, 1830-1940: studies in economic and business history. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2001. vii, 341pp. 8 illus, 34 tables, 2 diagrs. 10 maps. bibliog.
Index: could have done better: academic work which is almost a festschrift for Alfred Chandler: papers cover Bristol capitalists and the promotion of the Great Western Railway; the Midland Railway's London Extension; railway competition and pooling in nineteenth century Britain; the 1922/3 Grouping and the GWR; the directors and Board of the GWR; the English landed society and railways; the Pennsylvania Railroad and its labour (labor) policies; and the building of locomotives in Britain and the United States prior to 1900: to internalize or not? Very extensive literature references and bibliography (some of which should be in steamindex)

Chapman, Colin
The Aber branch: Caerphilly to Senghenydd. Welsh Railways Research Circle, 2005.
Reviewed by John Marshall in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2005, 35, 207: well-received: notes list of locomotives.

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Clark, Ronald H. see separate file

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See artists

Clemens. C.N.
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Ottley 10861 occupies over a column on this complex project which began as typescripts circulated to subscribers and ended as a "publication" with over 27,000 entries. It is nomally cited as "Clinker". Ottley 3865 is replaced by Ottley 10861 (first supplement). See also.

Surnames beginning "Co"

Coakham, Desmond
The Belfast and County Down Railway. Colourpoint, 256 pp.
Glowing review in Backtrack: seen all too briefly in NRM. The author is a retired architect and this must be a candidate for being one of the most beautiful railway books seen by KPJ. The only fault noticed was the poor index: Norman I would not have  made a charge to have compile one the text is so good.

Coates, Noel
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway wagon diagrams. L&YR Society, 2000. 66pp
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway wagons. V. 1. Didcot: Wild Swan, 1990.

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The railways of Great Britain: a historical atlas 3rd edition, 2015

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Hertfordshire Publications, 122pp, paper-covered
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1983, 44, 522 & earlier edition? Railway Wld, 1979, 40, 94.

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Locomotive engineering and the mechanism of railways. [completed by D.K. Clark]. Glasgow: William Collins, 1864-71. xiv, 320pp.
Published in parts. Charles E. Lee Trans Newcomen Soc ., 1949/50, 27, 163 et seq (page 172) called this "the great standard work" and noted that Clark's involvement was minimal.

Cole, Beverley and Guild of Railway Artists
Along artistic lines: two centuries of railway art. Penryn: Atlantic Press, 2003. 127pp. landscape format
Title is highly inaccurate as it implies a major historical study which it is not: the period prior to the recent efforts of the GRA is given scant attention, although the images within this brief section are sometimes stunning, notably Leonard Campbell Taylor's The Refreshment Car where couple are finishing dinner with cigarettes with Isle of Arran in background and Seamill below as train heads for Largs: lady looks like Duchess of Argyll. There are a couple of Stanhope Forbes', the Abraham Solomon's and Spencer Gore's Letchworth Station. Some of the Guild's work is impressive, but frankly much leaves KPJ stone cold: too much is reminiscent of Hamilton Ellis at his worst with railways set in a preternatural world, sadly without Eve. Beverley Cole is also the Author of an entry in the ODNB on Cuneo and of many smaller books and articles on railway posters..

Cole, Beverley and Durack, Richard.
Railway posters, 1923-1947 from the Collection of the National Railway Museum, York. London: Laurence King, 1992. 160pp.
Many superb colour illustrations. Some of the posters relate to locomotives. There is an atmospheric study by Cuneo of an LMS Duchess class on a turnatble inside a roundhouse entitled The day begins.of 1946: Pp. 154-8 give brief biographical notes on many of the artists listed, including Dame Laura Knight, Tom Purvis and Norman Wilkinson.

Cole, William Henry
Notes on permanent way, material, plate laying and points and crossings. 6th edition London. 1912. 202pp.
Ottley 2644: First published in 1890; last published in 1940 as 10th edition completely rewritten by Sir Gordon Hearn 

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The railway navvies: a history of the men who made the railways. London: Hutchinson, 1965.
Includes written sketches of Locke, Peto and Brassey. Penguin edition revewed by K.J. Fairweather in NBR Study Group J., 1980, (11) 30,

Collins, Michael  J.
East Anglian rails in the 1980s.  Ian Allan. 112pp,
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1983, 44, 522..

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American compound locomotives. 1908
Google e-book available
The compound locomotive. 1900?
Reviewed as a Locomotive Publishing Co. publication, but obviously American: see Locomotive Mag., 1900, 5, 201.

Cook, A.F.
See RCTS page

Cook, Kenneth John

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R.A. Cooke's Track layout diagrams of the GWR and BR Western Region.2nd ed. Harwell: Author
See Ottley 17758 and ABEBOOKS

Cooper, B.K.
BR motive power since 1948. London: Ian Allen, 1985. 128pp.
Doubtful if it justified the cost (55p) of its transport across the Breckland County library from Norwich to Sheringham. Book covers both steam (including new classes delivered to pre-nationalisation designs, such as 15XX, but not B1s, West Countries, etc), the BR standard designs, the rebuilt Bulleid Pacifics, and their replacements both electric and diesel. Possibly a useful source for some of the remarkable "modern" motive power, such as the Fell and Crossley Co-Bos.

Cooper, Peter
Greyhound 120 [T9 No. 120]. Urie S15 Preservation Group, 31 pp, paper covered
Reviewed Railway Wld, 1983, 44, 522

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History of the Rothesay Tramways 659乐彩, 1879-1949. Scottish Tramway & Transport Society. 1986.
includes notes on miniature railway at Ettrick Bay

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Who's who in Britain's railway industry. London: Ian Allan, 1982, 111pp.

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Forty years of Caledonian locomotives, 1882-1922. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1974.
William Stroudley: craftsman of steam
Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1968. 263pp. incl. plates.
Note that Michael Rutherford (The Drummond Age. Part Two). Backtrack, 2004, 18, 754-60 has reservations on some of this author's assessment of Stroudley's work at Cowlairs Ackowledgements pp. 153-4 very interesting.

Cornwell, Harold John
The Caledonian Railway Jumbos. the 18in. x 26in. 0-6-0s. Lightmoor Press. 192 pp.
Seen briefly at NRM: very detailed locomotive study: many detailed working drawings. Author is son of above locomotive historian

Cossons, Neil
Making of the modern world: milestones of science and technology; edited by Neil Cossons with Andrew Nahum and Peter Turvey. London: John Murray, 1992. 224pp.
A short introduction which succintly describes the development of the Science Musuem from its instigation under HRH Prince Albert as a consequence of the Great Exhibition of 1851. Contributions from Michael Wright, Curator of Mechanical Engineering, on Trevithick's high pressure engine. pp. 56-7. John.Coiley , a Former Head, NRM, on Puffing Billy pp. 60-1.  Dieter Hopkin, Curator Information & Support 乐彩网17500cn NRM,  on. Stephenson's 'Rocket'. pp. 68-9. John Liffen, Collections Assistant Road and Rail Transport, on the. Locomotives from first tube railway. pp. 120-1. Christine Heap,  Curator Information & Support 乐彩网17500cn NRM on the painting. 'Coming South, Perth Sation' pp. 126-7 by George Earl (1824-1908). and Rob Shorland-Ball, Deputy Head, NRM, on. 'Mallard'. pp. 170-1. Incidentally this book stands condemned for its complete failure to include any mention of  the rubber or tyre industry, or the contributions made to it by many British scientists and inventors.

Coste, L and Perdonnet, A. Mémoire sur les chemins à ordinères. Paris, 1830.
Ottley 277 (note mentions that Rainhill Trials are included within the 200pp). Reference to Ottley shows other key texts. Historians like E.A. Forward and J.G.H. Warren considered Perdonnet to be very significant...

Cotterell, S. and Wilkinson, G.H.
The London & North Western locomotives, simple and compound. Birmingham, 1899. 129pp.
Ottley 6590 (notes originally issued in eight parts). See also Rly Arch., 2012, (37) p. 64. KPJ not seen

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London's railways: then and now. London: Batsford, 1989.. 119pp.
Ottley 13504

Cowley, Ultan
The men who built industrial Britain: a history of the Irish navvy. Merlin, 2001

Cox, E.S.

Cox, John G.
Castleman's Corkscrew: the Southampton and Dorchester Railway 1844-48. Southampton City, 1975.
Ottley 12233
Samuel Morton Peto (1809-1889): the achievements and failings of a great railway developer. RCHS, 2008. 316pp.
J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2009, 36, 57: reviewed by Mike Chrimes. The book concentrates on Peto the contractor and railway financier and having examined his majot failure in becoming involved in the expansion of the LCDR then assesses Peto as an employer of labour on a vast scale, and concludes that by the standards of the time he was fair as he detested the truck system, and fianlly considers him as a family man. Each major railway contract in which Peto was involved is considered separately. The book is well illustrated in black and white and colour.

Cozens, Lewis
Plynlimon & Hafan Tramway. Author. 36pp.
Ottley 7178: Cozens published several similar booklets on obscure railways: reviewed Rly Wld, 1955, 16 (185).

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The Runcorn Railway Bridge; crossint the Runcorn Gap. Volume 3, Halton: Halton Borough Council, 1990.

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On the Footplate. Huddersfield: Quadrant Publications, 1947?
Reviewed Loco. Rly Carr. Rev., 1947, 53, 46. Ottley 3058

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Early Main Line Railways: papers from the International Main Line Railways Conference
. xii, 308pp, 106 figures (including maps and portraits), 21 tables, hardback, Clare: Six Martlets Publishing,
Reviewed by Kevin Jones in J. Rly. Canal Hist Soc., 2016, 38, 592

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Biographical dictionary of civil engineers of Great Britain and Ireland. Volume 2 1830-1890. Paddock Wood: Thomas Telford Ltd, 2008.

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Great Western Railway architecture in colour. Vol 1. Buildings, from Brunel to Beeching. Manchester: Crecy Publishing, 2018. 176pp, 248 photoraphs, Reviewed by Matthew Searle. in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2019, 36, 449

Cuneo, Terence
The railway painting of Terence Cuneo. London: New Cavendish Books, 1984. 128pp.
Includes a brief autobiographical introduction; reproductions of paintings, posters, preliminary sketckes and photographs of the artist at work: there was also a spearte autobiography: The mouse and its master (Ottley 12585).

Currie, J.R.L.
The Northern Counties Railway. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1973/4. 2 vols.
Third volume, which would have covered locomotives & rolling stock was never completed. Work seen in Edinburgh' Central City Library..
The runaway train — Armagh 1889. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1971.

Surnames beginning "D"

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Reviewed in Railway World, 1986, 47, 18

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The outdoor machinery department.
London: Railway Gazette. 1940. viii, 31pp.
Ottley 3045 Reviewed in Lovomotive Mag., 1940, 46, 250

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The Red Dragon : and other old friends. 2006. 364pp.North British Railway Study Group Journal Number 100-119
Photographs taken in Swansea area

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Early railway prints from the collection of Mr and Mrs M.G. Powell. London: HMSO, 1974. 74pp.
Donated to the Victoria & Albert Museum

Darsley, Roger  and Dennis A. Lovett.
Country railway routes: Hexham to Hawick. The Border Counties Railway. Middleton Press. 93pp.
Reviewed by Jeff Hurst.NBR Study Group J. Number 115
Peebles Loop; plus the Dolphinton, Penicuik and Polton branch lines. Country Railway Routes Series. Middleton Press, 2018. 130pp.
Reviewed by NM in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 765 and more generously by Graham Dick in NBR Study Group J. Number 135

Dart, Maurice
Cornwall narrow gauge including the Camborne and Redeuth Tramway. Midhurst: Middleton, 2005.
West Cornwall mineral railways. Midhurst: Middleton, 2005.
Reviewed briefly in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2005, 35, 211/212: not well received.

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A railway renaissance: Britain's Railways after Beeching. Barnsley: Pen & Sword Books, 330pp.
Reviewed by Geoffrey Skelsey in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 318

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A biographical study of the Father of Railways, George Stephenson, on the occasion of the 150th anniverasry of the opening of the world's first public railway: the Stockton and Darlington Railway, 1825-1975, including an account of the railway mania and a consideration of Stephensonia today. London: Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1975. 337pp. + plates (35 illus.)

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London and its Railways.David & Charles, 200pp, hardback
Reviewed in Railway Wld., 1983, 44 , 522

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Light railways: their rise and decline. Ian Allan.  
Reviewed by HS in Rly Wld, 1964, 25, 233

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Reviewed by K.H.S. in Railway Wld., 1975, 36, 37.

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The early railways of Manchester. Stroud :Amberley Publishing, 2017. 96pp
Reviewed by Gerald Leach. J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2018, 39, 253-4

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Electric tramways & railways. London: Engineering, 1897. 677pp.
Contents are about two-thirds tramways but it includes lines such as Liverpool Overhead, City & South London and several foreign schemes.
Electric traction on railways. Electrician Publishing Co. 1909, 855 pp.
Further informaation on Dawson's literature.

Day, J.R. and B.G. Wilson.
More unusual railways. London: Muller, 1960
Ottley 2393. Reviewed in Railway Wld.,  1960, 21, 382
Unusual railways. London: Muller, 1957.
Ottley 2389

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Reviewed in Rly Wld, 1964, 25, 234

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Traité pratique de la machine locomotive : contenant les principes généraux relatifs a l'étude et la construction des locomotives, la description des types les plus répandus, l'étude de la combustion, de la production et de l'utilisation de la vapeur, du rendement, des conditions de fabrication et de réception des matériaux, des proportions et du mode de construction des organes. Paris : Librairie Polytechnique 1898
Held at NRM: cited by Braithwaite in Midland Record, No. 1

Dempsey, George Drysdale

Dendy Marshall, C.F.

Department of Scientific & Industrial Reserch.
Report of the Bridge Stress Committee. London: HMSO, 1928.

Derrick, Kevin

Dickinson, Henry Winram

Dickson, Brian J.
The Railway Infrastructure of Scotland . Southampton: Kestrel Books.  
Reviewed by Ian Terrell in NBR Study Group Journal No. 125 p. 47

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Disney, Henry W.
The law of carriage by railway. London, 1905. 232pp
5th edition in 1921; 8th in 1929 (356pp). Ottley 5503

Doherty, Douglas, editor
The LMS Duchesses. Hemel Hempstead: Model and Allied Publications, 1973. 89pp + folding diagram.
Contents: Introduction by editor; The LMS Duchesses- their design and construction by E.A.. Langridge; The LMS Duchesses- a performance evaluation by John Powell; The LMS Duchesses- a driver reminisces by Peter Johnson ; The LMS Duchesses- a critical appreciation by W.A. Tuplin. General arrangement diagrams, numbers, names, etc, poorly printed photographs.
Royal Scots of the LMS. London: Ian Allan, 1970. 64pp + plates.
Contributions by E.S. Cox, W.A. Tuplin, John Powell and P.G. Johnson

Dorricott, Edward
Samuel Telford Dutton, railway signal engineer of Worcester. Signalling Record Society, 2016, 256 pp., 375 illustrations
Reviewed by RF in Backtrack, 2016, 30, 574  and by Brian Janes in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc, 2016 (227), 594

Dover, Alfred Thomas
Electric traction : a treatise on the application of electric power to tramways and railways. London: Whittaker, 1917. 667pp.
Ottley 15621: several editions: global in coverage. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1917, 23, 216

Dow, George

See separate page

Doyle, Oliver and Stephen Hirsch
Railways in Ireland, 1834-1984. Dublin: Signal, 1983. 204pp.
Published to celebrate 150 year anniversary of Dublin & Kingstown Railway. Reviewed Rly World, 1984, 45, 238.

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Across the footplate years. Shepperton: Ian Allan, 1986.

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Tracing your railway ancestors: a guide for family historians. Barnsley: Pen & Sword, 2010. 272pp.

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Guide to Narth American steam locomotives. Kalmbach, 1997.

Duffy, Michael C.

Dunbar, Alan G. and Glen, I.A.
Fifty years with Scottish steam. Truro: Bradford Barton, [1982].
Memories of GNoSR, briefly of the NBR, then apprentice at St Rollox. Latterly chareghand fitter at Parkhead where he experienced GNR and Gresley products

Duncan, William, editor.
The Stephenson Centenary, containg the proceedings of the day, the processions and decorations, with the speeches delivered on the occasion. London, 1881.xii, 118pp.
Chiefly from Newcastle Chronicle 10 June 1881. Ottley 2454

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Durrant, A.E.

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British transport: an economic survey from the seventeenth century to the twentieth
. Leicester University Press. 1969. 473pp.

Surnames beginning "E"

Earl, L.A. [Laurie]
Speeding north with the Royal Scot. Oxford University Press, 1939.
Copies available abebooks.com. Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 269

Earnshaw, Alan
An illustrated history of trains in trouble: a century of British railway disasters, 1868-1968.. Penryn: Atlantic, 1996. 176pp.
Over 200 accidents with 300 photographs. Unfortunately, the Official Accident Reports are not cited, and there is no thorough attempt to link accidents by type.

Eatwell, David
Steam locomotives in action.
B.T. Batsford , 64pp, softback
Reviewed Railway Wld, 1983, 44, 522

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Industrial locomotives & railways of Cumbria. Stroud: Amberley Publishing, 2016. 128pp.
Reviewed by Graham Bird in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc. 2016, 38, 594

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The final link. Midas Books, 144pp
Reviewed Railway Wld, 1982, 43, 430

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Raised  in steam: the story of an Association. Newcastle: Oriel Press, 1972. 117pp + un-numbered
Darlington Works Pupil's Association: many of whom became in charge of motive power in North Eastern Area of LNER. Papers  listed (all pre-1930): C.H. Swan seems to have been a key member. Very fond of driving in cars or motorcycles into country for meetings. Maconachie travelled by both and seemed to be very active

Elliot, J.
Early days of the Southern Railway. Journal of Transport History, 1960, 4, 197-213.

Ellis, Chris and Morse, Greg

Ellis, [Cuthbert] Hamilton
Biographical & bibliographical information about Hamilton Ellis

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Profile of Southern moguls. Oxford Publishing Co., 1986. 80pp.
Ottley 18945

Engel, Matthew
Eleven minutes late: a train journey to the soul of Britain. London: Macmillan, 2009. 324pp.

Esau, Mike
Steam into Wessex. lan AIIan.
Reviewed in Railway World, 1971, 32, 506

See separate page for Essery brothers

Evans, Jim.
Man of the Southern; Jim Evans looks back; ed. Peter Grafton. London: Allen & Unwin, 1980. 102pp. odd shape.
Bournemouth: 1945 cleaner: 1967 driving REPS. came from a railway family. Mr Bulleid's engines were deteriorating both internally and externally. See section on SR locomotives for observations on Bulleid Pacifics.. See also footplatemen trade unions

Evans, M.
Atlantic era : the British Atlantic locomotive. London, Percival Marshall, 1961. [iv] , 94 p. + front. 49 illus., 20 tables.
Inverness to Crewe: the British 4-6-0 locomotive. Hemel Hempstead: Model Aeronautical Press. 1966. 164 p.
Brief Foreword by J.F. Harrison. Does not appear to have included B2 class derived by Thompson from B17. reviewed by H.S in Rly Wld. 1967, 28, 406..
Pacific steam the British Pacific locomotive. London, Percival Marshall, 1961. viii, 80 p.35 illus., 5 tables.

Everett, Andrew
Visionary pragmatist: Sir Vincent Raven: North Eastern Railway, Locomotive Engineer. Stroud: Tempus, 2006. 223pp.
A good book, with some flaws, but one of a small band of "proper" biographies of railway engineers. Mediocre index which does not include the name of George Heppell: Raven's Chief Draughtsman until 1919.. The strengths of this biography are considered with Raven.

Surnames beginning "F"

Faith,. Nicholas
The history of the Channel Tunnel: the political, economic and engineering hstory of an heroic railway project. Barnsley: Pen and Sword Transport, 223 pp, hardback.
Reviewed by G.B. Skelsey in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 764-5

Farebrother, Martin J.B. and Farebrother, Joan S. Narrow gauge in the Somme Sector — before, during and after the First World War. Barnsley: Pen and Sword Transport, 256 pp,
Reviewed in Backtrack

Farey, John
A treatise on the steam engine: historical, practical and descriptive. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, [1971]. 2v.
The original page proofs complete with the Author's corrections are housed in the British Library and these were used to produce this facsimile. The author failed to complete his work as he died in 1851. Most of the work is concerned with stationary boilers, but Trevithick's contribution to the locomotive is mentiobed briefly.

Farrington, John
Life on the line. Ashbourne: Moorland, 1984. 183pp.
Mainly extracts from other books

Faulkner, Richard and Austin, Chris.

Fawcett, Bill .
George Townsend Andrews of York: 'The Railway Architect'. Yorkshire Architectural & York Archaeological Society jointly with North Eastern Railway Association, 2011, 256pp, over 600 illustrations & drawings (many in colour).
Reviewed by  Gordon Biddle. J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2012, 58

Fayle, Harold
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Narrow gauge railways of Ireland. Greenlake Publications, [1946]
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 64: there are also later reprints
The Waterford & Tramore Railway with A.T.Newham..Dawlish: David & Charles 
See also photographer

Fell, Mike G.
The illustrated history of the Port of Goole and its railways. Irwell Press
Reviewed Archive Issue 93 page 12
An illustrated history of the Port of King's Lynn and its railways, Clophill, Bedfordshire: Irwell Press, 2012.  112pp, 175 illustrations, 13 maps and plans,
Reviewed by Tony Kirby in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2013 (216), 64

Fenton, [Ernest] William
Locomotives in retirement.
Ottley 2897
Nineteenth century locomotive engravings. Hugh Evelyn. 28pp.
Ottley 10424. Prints originally published in The Railway Engineer Review by MJ in Rly Wld, 1964, 25, 432

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The Caledonian in LMS days. Pendragon Books, 2007. (Railways in Retrospect)

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Electric railway engineering. Macdonald & Evan, 1955
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 84

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Info NRM & Hampshire OPAC. Tends to exclude motive power history: unrevied in Great Britain. Gives some information on Milne Report.
The trains long departed : Ireland’s lost railways. Dublin : Gill & Macmillan, 2010. xix, 212 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 24 cm.

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Macnair (Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 164) quotes from him "our foolish and meddlesome laws prohibited sensible speeds" [for steam highway vehicles]

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The Settle & Carlisle route revised. Ian Allan, 1985.
Added at behest of the Author: clearly should be on young Mr Blakemore's shelves.

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Reviewed by DT in Backtrack, 2019, 33, 382

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Photographic album with many taken by the author on the footplate. Reviewed Steam Wld, 1983, 44, 93.

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Ottley 18192.

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Reviewed by HS in Rly Wld, 1964, 25, 118: appears to be an excellent work.

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Ottley 3872. See also authorship

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A history of the English railway, its social relations and revelations, 1820-1845. 1851. 2v.
Ottley 16. "An attempt to deve1ope (sic) the origin and progress of the railway system." Includes personal sketches of G. Stephenson, G. Hudson and. IK. Brunel. See Snell's comments.

Freebury, Hugh
Great Western apprentice: Swindon in the 'thirties. Trowbridge: Wiltshire County Council Library & Museum Service. 1985. 163pp.
One of the worst features of this book is the extraordinary brown colour used for the type. It is very different from the normal eulogy for all things Great Western and paints a fairly grim picture of life as a trade apprentice with cruel foremen and petty attitudes.

Freeman, Michael

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Locomotives in outline: GWR. Seaton: Peco. 38pp. landscape format
77 side and front elevations based on Swindon official drawings. Originally published in Railway Modeller between 1958 and 1972.

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Ottley 3094 who noted several Supplements and several editions (12th 1963). See also correspondence in Steam Wld, 2009 (268) 14 from Roy Jenson and others which notes identical work by R.S. Grimsley. The work includes itineraries and maps for the larger cities including trams routes in Glasgow. See also feature in Backtrack, 2016, 30, 283 by Roger Smith. Received Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 98.

Surnames beginning "Ga"

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Ottley 8967 who noted a detailed table of locomotive data. Reviewed by Basil K. Cooper in Rly World, 1975, 36, 211

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History and progress of the steam engine; with practical investigation of its structure. London: 1830. 863pp
Ottley 2023: illustratiion from see Backtrack, 2017, 31, 710-13 (Page 711)

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The last journey of William Huskisson. London: Faber 244pp.
An elegantly written and produced book which does rather more than describe the brief fatal moments, but places Huskisson's involvement in the Liverpool & Manchester Railway as central to its successs.

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Much relates to driver Bert Edmonds (especially Chapter 4)

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Highland Railway liveries. Easingwold: Pendragon in association with HMRS, [1995]. 108pp.
Includes colour illustrations from a variety of sources. P. 9 shows Stroudley on cab of one of his locomotives.

Gibb, Sir Alexander
The story of Telford. 1935
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 369 and see also review of Man of iron by Julian Glover reviewed by Peter Brown in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2017 (229), 118 who also notes other biographies including that by Sir Alexander Gibb

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Other authors: Peter W. Neville and Douglas E. White. Ottley 17717 which notes errors recorded in review in J. Rly  Canal Hist. Soc., 1987, 29, 209. Never purchased as in Public Library just down the road on Welwyn Garden City Campus. Landscape format (obviously not in Norfolk's miserable book collection) 

Glancey, Jonathan

Glasgow Museum of Transport
Scottish railway locomotives. Glasgow: Transport Museum, 1967. 50pp.

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British locomotive design,1825-1960. London: Allen & Unwin, 1967. 113pp.
Ottley 10436: one of the few general locomotive histories: division of subject, therefore, of interest: early, Crewe frame (William Barclay), Crampton, six-wheeled singles, 2-4-0s, 0-4-2s, 0-6-0s, Mid-Victorian: single wheelers (inside-cylinder, bogie single), six-wheeled four coupled: 2-4-0s, 0-4-2s, four-coupled bogie

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Delph (Saddleworth and Greenfield) to Oldham, including Lees motive power depot, motor trains and the OA&GB to Ashton. Bredbury: Foxline, c2005. 160pp.  (Scenes from the past: 49)
Covers the Delph Donkey and its motive power: most of photographs by Jim Davenport: see also Kevin page.

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Memoirs & diary: transcribed from the original manuscript and edited with an introduction and notes by Roger Burdett Wilson. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1972. 386pp.

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Railways in South Yorkshire. Clapham: Dalesman. 96pp.
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Ottley 56: who notes the colour plates lost in the Ian Allan reprint and that originated as a part work. reviewed by HS in Rly Wld, 1963, 24, 238

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Steam on the Widened Lines. Volume 1: The Great Northern and Midland Railways and their successors. Colchester: Connor & Butler, 1997.60pp.
Information inside front and back covers and on covers (col. illus.)
Steam on the Widened Lines. Volume 2: The Great Western and Southern companies.  Colchester: Connor & Butler, 1998. 56pp.

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Locomotive performance: the result of a series of researches conducted by the Engineering Laboratory of Purdue University. New York: Wiley, 1907. 439pp.
BLPC checked

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Many diagrams and tables (some in original typescript): includes a brief contribution by R.W, Kidner: Maunsell's carriages and the holidaymaker. (pp. 9-10).

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Surnames beginning "Gr"

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The Furness Railway: its rise and development.
Altringham: Author, 1946.
Some or all was also published in Trains Illustrated. Reviewed in Locomotive Mag. 1946, 52, 194,

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Men of the LNER. London: Allen & Unwin, 1982.
Ottley 18106
Sir Vincent Raven and the North Eastern Railway. Usk: Oakwood, 2005.

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659乐彩网 and distant: a 40-year railway career from apprentice fitter to BRB Headquarters, 1952-93. Kettering: Silver Link, 1998. 144pp.
Includes work on Southern Region steam, on diesel locomotives and on EMUs at Dover.

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South Eastern Railway. Middleton Press 320pp
Reviewed Railwaty Wld, 1991, 52, 277

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Sir Sam Fay — railway manager elite. Kibworth: Book Guild Ltd., softback, 287pp.
Reviewed by MGF in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 637-8

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Cambrian Railways, 1859-1947. London: Ian Allan, 1997. 224pp.
Originally published as two separate works: might be dismissed as a picture book, but is really an excellent picture history with very good captions..
Rheidol journey — sirwrnai Rheidol. Birmingham: Author. 1984. 18pp.
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1984, 45, 238

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Underground art. London: Studio Vista, 1991.

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Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 194. Ottley 119 whih notes includes some colour illustrations
The permanent way. with G. Tyers. London: Winchester Publications Ltd.
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 164 Ottley 2595 which notes cotains four colour plates
Quartet in steel—the complete book of British Railways. with Howard Hayden. Frederick Muller, 1938.
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44, 300

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Ottley 5974. According to L.A. Summers R.L. Grey was a pseudonym for W.A. Tuplin (Backtrack, 2018, 32, 701).

Griffiths, Denis see separate file

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Locomotive catechism 30th edition. New York: Norman W. Henley Publishing Co./London : The Locomotive Publishing Co., Ltd.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1923, 29, 250. This andv first edition available as e-books

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The history of the Great Northern Railway, 1845-1895. 1898.
Aims to satisfy the general reader as well as the railway student: see error recorded by Edmonds (J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2006, 35, 426) Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1903, 9, 150.

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The theory and practice of heat engines, includixg steam generators, reciprocating steam engines, steam turbines and internal combustion engines.
London: Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 16.

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Le mécanician de chemins de fer.
3rd edition. Paris: Dunod. 763pp.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1920, 26, 259

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Surnames beginning "Ha"

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Atmospheric railways: a Victorian adventure in silent speed. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1967.
Ottley 10139: interesting for being the sole excursion of the best-known historian of canals into railway literature. Main fault with this book is that too little attention is paid to the work of Sir Frederick Bramwell: although his IMechE paper of 1899 is cited.

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Hall-Patch, Tony
The Great British railway: a living history. Newton Abbott: David & Charles, 1992. 192pp. 
A "popular introduction" with some accent on "contemporary" developments: some interesting "asides" scattered through text. Reviewed in Backtrack, 1992, 6, 222.

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Originally published by Percival Parshall in 1949: Contents list.

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Britain's greatest rail disaster: the Quintinshill blaze of 1915. London: Allen & Unwin, 1969. 96pp.

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Reviewed in Railway World, 1971, 32, 505

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Reviewed by David St John Thomas. J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc. 2010 (208) 199.

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6th edition at time of Mook's death in 1926: see Locomotive Mag., 1926, 32, 168.

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Southern style after Nationalisation. Ripley: Historical Model Railway Society, Softback (stiff card covers) A4 format, 160pp plus colour swatch.
Reviewed by DT in Backtrack, 2019, 33, 126  

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Reviewed by PR in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 764.

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Great Eastern Railway engine sheds. Part 1. Stratford, Peterborough and Norwich Locomotive Districts. Didcot: Wild Swan, 1986. 218 pp.
At Doncaster the GER took over the redundant, but in excellent condition, premises of the LNWR.
The Wisbech & Upwell Tramway. Bucklebury: Wild Swan, 1982. 56pp.
Includes 0-6-0T and 0-4-0T tram locomotives (latter restricted mainly to passenger traffic) and very brief mention of Y10 Sentinel tramway lcomotives.

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The making of a prodigy, Robert Stephenson: engineer and scientist.
Newcastle: Robert Stephenson Trust.

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Stokers and pokers. London, 1849, etc.
Ottley 6309

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Modern traction for industrial and agricultural railways. London: The Locomotive Publishing Co., Ltd. 1932. 182pp.
Ottley 2283: not in Jones. Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1932, 40, 396.

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Heppell, George

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Railway permanent way. dimensional theory and practice: a manual for engineers, inspectors, foremen, ...Manchester: Charles Server, 1922
NOT IN Ottley: available as e-book in USA, but not where it originated

Herring, Peter

Hewison, Christian H.
From shedmaster to the Railway Inspectorate. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1981.
Ottley 16693. Autobiographical: LNER 1926-1953; Inspectorate 1953-1978.
Locomotive boiler explosions. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1983.
Ottley 15765. A small book based on historical lines, but some of the explosions were surprisingly late involving members of the Grange and Duchess classes just before the end of normal steam working on British Railways: the latter class seemed to be highly prone.Reviewed at length by Jack Street, BR Boiler Inspector at Crewe. Rly World, 1983, 44, 317..
See also biography

Higgins, Jeremy

Higgins, S.H. Pearce
The Wantage Tramway: a history of the first tramway to adopt mechanical traction. Abingdon: Author, 1958.
Ottley 7421 includes a value judgement: "A very detailed study"

Higgins, R.N.
Over here: the story of the United States Army Transportation Corps class S160 locomotives. Author, 1980.
Ottley 10506: see Hennessey's assessment: BackTrack, 17, p. 544. Note Foreword by late F.J. Bellwood.

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The Worsdells: a Quaker engineering dynasty
. Glossop: Transport Publishing, 1991. 181 pp.

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Reviewed by MR [Michael Ruthrford?] in Backtrack, 2019, 33, 446
The 'Princess Royal' Pacifics. Barnsley: Pen & Sword Books, hardback, 222 pp.
Reviewed by Philip Atkins in Backtrack, 2019, 33, 180.

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The Eastern Union Railway.  London: LNER, 1946. 42pp. + 3 folding diagrs.

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Electric and diesel-electric locomotives. London:: Macmillan. 1948. 366pp.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1949, 55, 14

Surnames beginning "Ho"

Hodgkins, David
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Reviewed and recorded as "scholarly biography" in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 126 and by Kevin Jones in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc.
The second railway king: the life and times of Sir Edward Watkin 1891-1901. Cardiff: Merton Priory Press, 2002.

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Mainly the then contemporary train reviewed in Steam Wld., 2009, (264), 66

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Reviewed very briefly in Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 64

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Ottley 7168. The other authors were: C.A. Moreton, G.N. Nowell-Gossling, F.M. Page and W.T. Stubbs. The same pseudonym was used for a shorter book on the Leek & Manifold Light Railway. (Ottley 6220). See also enthusiasts

Hollingsworth, Brian
Great Western adventure. David & Charles. 174pp
Reviewed Railway World, 1982, 43, 152
'LBSC' – his life and locomotives: Memorial edition: a pictorial appreciation and biography of Lillian ('Curly') Lawrence. Frome: Camden Miniature Steam 乐彩网17500cn. 1966. 108pp.
Both the biographer and his subject were interested in "live steam" miniature railways, but Lawrence's skills as a model engineer extended far beyond normal competence: hence he is included on this website.

Hooker, A.E. (Bert)
Nine Elms engineman. Truro: Bradford Barton, 124pp.
Born 2 July 1916. Fired West Country 34006 Bude during 1948 locomotive exchanges on Highland line. See also as driver

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Hooper, John
The WD Austerity 2-8-0 : the BR record. Nottingham: Book Law, 2010. 300pp.

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Ottley 17808

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Reviewed by Kevin Jones in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2019, 39, 503
London's District Railway: a history of the Metropolitan District Railway 659乐彩. Volume Two. Twentieth century. Crowthorne: Capital Transport Publishing Ltd. 416pp. 238 x 150mm. 155 illustrations, 25 maps, 18 plans, 25 diagrams, 1 table.

Hosken, Philip M.
Genius, Richard Trevithick's steam engines. Cornwall (cyberspace): Footsteps, 2013, 78pp.
Seen briefly at NRM
The oblivion of Richard Trevithick. Maldon: Trevithick Society. 2011. 345pp.
KPJ has yet to see a review of this book and book is unlikely to be seen in Norfolk 659乐彩 of "creative writing"

Hough, R.
Six great railwaymen: Stephenson, Hudson, Denison, Huish, Stephen and Gresley. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1955. 200 p. + 6 plates. 6 illus. (ports.), 3 maps. Bibliog.
This work, which is intended for teenagers, contains fresh biographical material gathered from Gresley's children. The author experiences difficulty in technical terminology (e.g. valve gearing sic). George Stephen {KPJ thought must have been an OCR error was a great Canadian pioneer]

Household, Humphrey
Narrow gauge railways - Wales and the Western Front. Alan Sutton Publishing, 156pp illus, hard- bound.
Reviewed in Railway World, 1988, 49, 727

Howson, F. Henry  
London's Undergroud. London: Ian Allan. London: Ian Allan, rev. ed. 1960. 119pp. + plates
Disappointing lack of biography: the official history of London transport is so much better.
Narrow gauge railways of Britain. London: Ian Allan, 1948. 79pp.
Excludes Ireland, North and South, but includes Isle of Man

Hughes, Geoffrey

Hughes, Hugh
Indian locomotives: Part 1, Broad gauge, 1851-1940. Continental Railway Circle, 112pp. softbound
Reviewed Railway World, 1991, 52, 506

Hughes, Stephen
The Brecon Forest tramroads: the archaeology of an early railway system. Aberystwyth, 1990.
Rutherford states that this "is one of the best works on any form of railway ever produced and is essential reading for anyone interested in the precursors of the modern railway."

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'The Sentinel': a history of Alley & MacLellan and The Sentinel Waggon Works. Volume 1. 1875-1930. Newton Abbot, 1973. 320pp. 119 illus./diagrs.
Introduction by J.G.R. Woodvine whose father George Woodvine with Daniel Simpson went from Shropshire to Polmadie, Glasgow to assist in the construction of the first Sentinel steam wagon. Further consideration of this important work, which needless to say is not available in Norfolk County Library, even at King's Lynn which "specializes" in road locomotives, but came from Peterborough. Reviewed in Railway Wld, 1984, 35, 38

Hume, John R. amd Moss, Michael S.
Beardmore: the history of a Scottish industrial group. London: Heinemann, 1979. xviii, 364pp.

Hunt, A.F.
Descriptive diagrams of the locomotive, including diesel rail cars.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1944, 50, 64.  Not in Ottley nor Jones. Online evidence: product of Oswestry Mutual Imrovement Class. Landscape format

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Edinburgh's transport. Huddersfield: Advertiser Press, 1964. 398pp.

Hurst, Charles
Valves and valve gearing. 3rd edltion. London: Charles Griffin & Co.
Available as a Google digital book. Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1903, 8, 105 6th edition reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1911, 17, 275

Hutton, Walter S.
Steam boiler construction: a practical handbook. Crosby Lockwood, 1898.

Hyman, Anthony
Charles Babbage: pioneer of the computer. Oxford University Press, 1982. 287pp.
Babbage, better known for his early development of mechanical computing machinery, was also involved in two ways with the development of the broad gauge: firstly by demolishing Dionysius Lardner's absurd theories relating to Box Tunnel and secondly by developing the dynamometer car.

Surnames beginning "I"

India. Pacific Locomotive Committee. Report. Delhi. 1939.
Committee which involved Stanier and E.S. Cox (held British Library)

Industrial Locomotive Society
Steam locomotives in industry. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1967.
149 illustrations with captions. Indexes of places, manufacturers and owners.

Irving, R.J.
The North Eastern Railway 659乐彩, 1870-1914: an economic history. Leicester University Press, 1976. 68 tables in main text. 320pp + prelims

Surnames beginning "J"

Jack, Harry.
Locomotives of the LNWR Southern Division: London & Birmingham Railway, London & North Western Railway and Wolverton Locomotive Works. 2001. 299pp. 145 figs. (illus, including line drawings)
See also Brotchie

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Drawn by steam — memories of a Tyseley locoman. Truro: Bradford Barton, 1980.

Jackson, Alan A.

Jackson, David
J.G. Robinson: a lifetime's work. Oxford: Oakwood, 1996. 234pp. (Oakwood Library of Railway History No. 98)
A thoroughly comprehensive biography but suffers from incomplete bibliographical citations (it is to be hoped that the source material is being housed in a suitable location). The index appears to include some errors and lacked a strategic plan. The hard casing applied by the publisher to this biography greatly enhances the value of the book.
The Great Central in LNER days; with Owen  Russell. 2 volumes Ian Allan, 1983 and 1986.
Ottley 17599 whick states essays on selected spheres of operation. See also letter from Eric Neve in Railway World, 1986, 47, 45-6 

James, Fred, David Hunt and Bob Essery
LMS locomotive profiles. No. 1 – the rebuilt 'Royal Scots'. Didcot: Wild Swan, 1999. 60pp.
Many detailed drawings taken from collection at NRM.

James, Leslie
The law of the railway. London: Barry Rose, 1980. xlii, 479pp.
Supplement in 1986. Ottley 17408

James, P.D.
Time to be in earnest: a fragment of autobiography. London: Faber, 1999.

Jarvis, Adrian.
See also Railway World, 1983, 44, 348
Portrait of the Liverpool Overhead Railway. 1996
Samuel Smiles and the construction of Victorian values. Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 1997. 176pp. + plates.
Considered with Smiles

Jeaffreson, J.C.
Life of Robert Stephenson. London, 1864.
Ottley 2449. Available online or for download in several formats.

Jenkins, Simon

Jenkins, Stanley C.
The Melton Constable to Cromer branch. Oxford: Oakwood Press, 1991. 152pp. tables, illus. maps, plans.
Very detailed account of the vital link between West Runton and the rest of the national network. Includes plans for the much grander station which this centre of the universe really deserved.

Jenkins, Terry

Jenkinson, David

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Questions, answers and descriptive diagrams of the locomotive. Shrewsbury: Wilding and Son, Ltd.
Mutual improvement class aid reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 166

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The North Staffordshire Railway in LMS days. Lightmoor Press. 160pp.
Highly recommended by Bob Essery in LMS Journal (34)

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John, Evan
Time table for victory: a brief and popular account of the railways and railway owned dockyards of Great Britain & Northern Ireland during the Six Years' War of 1939-45. London: Brirish Railways. 268pp including plates.

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Philip Atkins notes the high quality of this work.

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The British travelling Post Office . Ian Allan, 1985.
The Corris Railway the story of a Mid-Wales slate railway. Barnsley: Pen and Sword Transport, 208pp.
Reviewed by DWM in Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 366
An illustrated history of the Great Western narrow gauge. Oxford Publishing Co. 2011. 160pp.
Narrow gauge lines of the British Isles. Hersham, Surrey: Ian Allan Publishing, 2015. 160pp. approximately 350 illustrations, nearly half in colour.
Reviewed by Kevin Jones
Rebuilding the Welsh Highland Railway, Britain's longest heritage line. Bamsley: Pen & Sword Transport, 2018. 288pp, 320 photographs (271 colour), 22 maps and plans,
Reviewed by Matthew Searle. in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2019, 36, 449

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The steam locomotive: its theory, operation and economics., 2nd ed. New York: Simmons Boardman, 1945.
First edition 1942: contents listed on page 16 of Volume 49 of Locomotive Mag.; reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1944, 50, 115

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Does not appear to be in Ottley: yet traced in BLPC, cited by David Hunt in Midland Record No. 22

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Contents: Early excursions; To Hell on Sunday; Buns, bagpipes and Bovril; The railway children; Off to the races; Football, flying and other 'sports' [including bare-knuckle fighting, hangings, bonspiels (curling), solar eclipse of 29 June 1927]; Trip day (works, especially railway works outings); Alive with excursion trains [Belle Vue, Crystal Palace...]; Politics, religion and temperance; Royalty, fairs and wakes; See the scenery [long distance excursions, e.g. to Staffa, ramblers, excursions; The sound of music [steam specials and even diesel specials]; Too awful to describe [accidents]; Did it pay?; Behind the scenes Chapter 12 See the scenery contains one of the very few references to the Heads of Ayr route to Girvan: "In Scotland, the LMSR introduced Evening Cruise trains in 1935, the first running from Glasgow to Alloway, where an hour was allowed to visit Bums' cottage and the kirk of Tam o' Shanter fame. The train then cruised 'at sightseeing speed' along the grass- strewn goods-only line, closed to passengers five years previously. Panoramic views of the Firth of Clyde were enjoyed on the way to Girvan, where another hour's break was allowed, before returning to Glasgow by a different route through Maybole. This 120-mile rail cruise cost only 2s 6d."

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Reviewed by Brian Janes in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2013 (217), 55. Appears not to be in BNB despite proximity of BL to C2C.

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Penetrating criticism by former BRB Chief Economist; extract from. Reviewed in Railway Wld, 1973, 34, 256.

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Military railways at Martin Mill (serving artillery for Cross-Channel shelling), Longmoor, Melbourne, Shropshire & Montgomeryshire, and briefly service in Northern Ireland, and lengthier service in North Africa and in Italy. Many observations on USA 0-6-0Ts, S160 2-8-0s and on Dean Goods.
Tandem compound locomotives. Author.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1949, 55, 176.

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Mainly pictorial: much covers presevation, but the activities of the class on other railways after sale by the LBSCR/SR is extensive.

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Photograph album with some unusual  workings: K3 class 2-6-0 No.1855 at Crianlarich with workmen's train formed of old NBR stock for hydro-electric plant at Inveruglas in 1947, and V2 2-6-2 No. 60818 at Callander on 23 May 1964

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Cited in the Oxford Companion in the section on telegraphy, and noting the publisher, the reader might expect this to cover the use of telegraphy on railways in some depth. This is not the case: the book provides an excellent history of telegraphy, including its early use on the Great Western Railway (arrest John Tawell, etc), but it is mainly concerned with its exploitation by the Post Office, and the activities of its major officials, notably F.J. Scudamore. Equally surprisingly, Daniel Gooch receives little attention in the development of submarine cables (but this work was prepared before the easy availability of Daniel Gooch's Diaries: there is almost as much about the development of rubber and gutta percha as insulants.

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The website of Mr Jones in particular is an amazing piece of work in its effort to complete a database of British railway literature. page. vii. This book is the key to many Continental names far too invisble in the drawing offices of British locomotive designers: see ILocoE Paper 388 for opportunity missed.

Surnames beginning "L"

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Hennessey calls this book "magisterial"
Perfecting the American steam locomotive (Railroads Past & Present) . Indiana University Press, 2003.

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Reviewed by in Backtrack, 2019, 33, 126

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Reviewed by KPJ in J. Rly Canal Soc., 2017, page 119
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Includes biographies, with portraits, of many of the architects, sculptors, etc. Magnificent photographic illustrations excellently reproduced

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The Stephensons and other railway pioneers. London, 1881.
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see also Lee in section on authorship.
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Ottley 216 (which also notes other editions) and early citation in Andrew Dow's Railway

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Cited by Lowe for providing assistance
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Brief chronological description of railways, 1801-36; followed by a year by year account of traffic development, noting particularly the connexion of Parliamentary control and the Board of' Trade.
The railway mania and its aftermath, 1835-1842. 1936.
Sequel end generally similar to the above. Gives a general picture of the period's railway atmosphere. 13 coloured maps (some folding) trace the development.

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Ottley 8060 who noted "a comprehensive & detailed work
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Checked L of C catalog

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See architects

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Information from ABEbooks
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In Jones Page 180: Partly historical, partly desriptive of the designs at time of publication. Reviiewed in Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 97 Also reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1929, 35, 203 which mentions colour plate frontispiece of Gresley Pacific Royal Lancer

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Title is odd, very odd. Copy borrowed from Millennium Library in Norwich. Martin Barnes in excessively kind review (J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2005, 35, 206) notes that its a bit like the Ian Allan ABCs in layout (but not the A4 page size). The illustrations cover most classes but are not comprehensive (unlike the numerical listing 1 to 92250). Not without a large number of minor errors: it is obvious that author only has a vague notion of what went on in East Anglia: for instance it is inferred that the Sentinel Y10 was a "Great Eastern" design. Although this may appear to have been a book on a mega scale and at a mega price about locomotive numbers it fails miserably on the vastly complex numbering of the WD 2-8-0s and 2-10-0s which in the early days of British Railways wandered around with all sorts of numbers. See Richard Strange review in Steam World, 2005 (218) p. 64 which finds several errors and omissions from sources...
British Railways Pre-Nationalisation coaching stock .Volume 1 GWR  & LNER  Crecy Publishing Ltd., 2018, 480pp,
Reviewed by Peter Tatlow.in Backtrack

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Reviewed by Graham Dick at length in NBRSG Journal

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Original written in Irish

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Review by Phil Atkins in Backtrack, 2012, 26, 443

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A "popular book" but one which cites its sources reflecting the scholarly nature of its author, a Canadian professor of zoology. It also covers much more ground than that stated in the title, including some highly illuminating comments on the genius of George Stephenson, and of the nature of the other competitors and their locomotives. The index looks good, but isn't.

McGregor, John
The West Highland Railway: plans, politics and people. Edinburgh: John Donald, 2005. 274pp.
In Millennium "Library" in Norwich: excellent book, but not relevant to Steamindex, nor to Norfolk: motive power is only noted in terms of limited accommodation for enginemen at Fort William.

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"This lavishly illustrated book is likely to become the definitive work" (Graham Bird: J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2009, 36, 60)

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Verified via Library of Congress catalog. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1918, 24, 92

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Manifold see Hollick

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Review Railway Wld., 1973, 34,  82

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Includes extracts from Joy's Diaries

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See Dendy Marshall (style adopted by Ottley)

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Ottley 2913: further 33 (see below): Reviewed Rly Wld, 1963, 24, 118: notes that this volume cotains an appreciation of his work.
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Ottley 2901: 66 locomotives described with scale drawings. Landscape format..

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PhD Thesis see review Locomotive Mag., 1927, 33, 203

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See also Metcalfe page

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Volume 2 reviewed Locomotive  Mag., 1930, 36, 403

Surnames beginning "Mi"

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Includes Isle of Man Railway and Jersey Railways & Tramways and the two major miniature railways: R&ER and RH&DR, some industrial and some military railways.
Mainly Scottish steam. David & Charles. 157pp.
Autobiographical (Falkirk was the centre of his Scotland) Reviewed by KHS in Railway Wld, 1974, 35, 39 
The Scottish 4-4-0. Penryn: Atlantic, 1994. 128pp.
Contains many illustrations: each major company (CR, NBR, GSWR, HR and GNoSR) is allocated a chapter - thus Dugald Drummond's contribution appears in more than one place. There is a fair amount of biographical information and there are introductory and retrospective chapters as well as a section on Post-Grouping immigrants, such as the highly unpopular GNR classes, and the type translated to South of the Thames, notably by James Stirling and Dugald Drummond. More unexpectedly, there is a chapter on the 4-4-0T type. There is a short reading list graced with the title of "bibliography": McKillop who had vehement views on the GNR 4-4-0 type and made a D49 work like a Schools class is not mentioned. Alphabetico-classified index. Reviewed in NBRSGJ, 1995 (60) 26
Stroudley and his Terriers. Pendragon.
Reviewed by R.C. Riley in Backtrack

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History of LNER advertising. Reviewed in NBSGJ (87) 31

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Chaired by Lord Weir of Eastwood with two members:. Sir Ralph Wedgwood, C.B., C.M.G and Sir William McLintock, G.B.E., ,C.V.O. with Colonel A. C. Trench, C.I.E., R.E. as Secretary. The witnesses whose statements are not included are listed with Weir :

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Reviewed very briefly) in Locomotive Mag., 1917, 53, 14

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Useful for being out-of-date: covers the remarkable development of suburab (and main line) electrified services on the Southern Railway. Biography is not neglected.

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Author worked at Ironbridge Gorge Museum: further one gets from Midlands the weaker the book becomes. Major error on caption of B1 leaving Newcastle in "sometime in the 1930s"!. (Fig. 11).

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Reviewed by Philip L Scowcroft in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2019, 580

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Rope & chain haulage: the forgotten element in railway history. Industrial Railway Society. 384pp.
See review in Archive, 2013 (78), p. 29

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Ottley 11997. Described as "excellent" by Bob Crawley in Br Rly J. (9), 351
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For Backtrack review see 1 189
Swindon GWR reminiscences. Truro: Bradford Barton, 1985? 112pp.

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Ottley 11891 which notes "a generous work in detail and in depth". Listed by Simmons as one of best railway histories: an obvious digital candidate

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Surnames beginning "N"

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Includes col. front. and plates by Norman Wilkinson including LMS express (with red black 5?) being bombed at Bletchley and LMS steamers at St Valery evacuating troops. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 176..

Neele, George P.
Railway reminiscences. 1904.
Ottley 6348: reprinted in 1974 with an introduction by Jack Simmons: this is interesting for its insights into Victorian railway working (Neele completed his service with the LNWR as Superintendent of the Line). Thus we have Neele's impressions of the Railway Races to Edinburgh in 1888, the gradual trend towards standardization in matters like brakes, locomotive headlamp codes, telegraphic codes and the vital role of the Railway Clearing House. The conveyance of Her Imperial Majesty's Royal Mail is quite alien to those fed on a diet of junk mail: Neele regarded Mail as a  tantamount activity. Notes that Mr Spagnoletti of the GWR introduced the arbitray words, such as STORK: we have no trace of your invoice, send copy next train and FLAMINGO: following wanted for today's market. Page 276 refers to the Clark and Webb Chain Brake and its non acceptance by the Board of Trade. His term of tenure included a visit to the United States and a great deal to do with Roayal travel arrangements..

Nicholson, Peter
Flying Scotsman: the world's most travelled steam locomotive. Shepperton: Ian Allan, 1999. 112pp.
Mainly its long career as a preserved locomotive

Nicolson, Murdoch and O'Neill, M.
Glasgow: locomotive builder to the world. Glasgow Public Libraries. 1987
Fetches absurd prices on ABEBOOKS

Noble, Celia Brunel
The Brunels, father and son.
London: Cobden-Sanderson, 1938. xi. 279pp..
Ottley 5970. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44, 300

Nock, Oswald Steven

Norden, G.
Landscapes under the luggage rack: great paintings of Britain. Northampton, author, 1997.
The railway carriage panel (includes Hamilton Ellis's contribution.

Norris, John, Beale, Gerry and Lewis, John
Edwardian enterprise: a review of Great Western Railway development in the first decade of this century. Didcot: Wild Swan, 1987. 202pp.
Coffee table (Camp presumably) format in pseudo Edawrdian style (including rather jaded type). The several major new lines, rolling stock and locomotives (by Beale) are surveyed.

Nutty, Ernest J.
G.W.R. two-cylinder piston-valve locomotives. 3rd ed.. Swindon: Author., 1977. 107pp.
Ottley 10591: see letter by Graham Beare BRJ 38 p.396. Earlier edition reviewsd in Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54,, 98.
Testing locomotive slide valves: ports and pistons. Swindon, 1943. 32pp.

Surnames beginning "O"

Obermayer, Horst J.
Deutsche dampflokomotiven (German steam locomotives). 270pp
Deutsche elektrolokomotiven (German electric locomotives). 220pp
Available from Ian Allan Ltd and reviewed by Basil K. Cooper in Railway World, 1972, 33, 37

O'Brien, Sean and Paterson, Don
Train songs. London: Faber & Faber, 2013. 172pp.
Neither of the poets own poetry is included in this beautiful anthology which reaches back to Wordsworth's condemnation of railways, through some obvious favourites like Auden's Night Mail, to some relatively obscure (to KPJ) poets. Ladies (Wendy Cope) and Americans (like Emily Dickinson) are here as well.

Odhams Press
The World's railways and how they work. 1947. 320pp.
Probably owned by KPJ since publication: contains several Leslie Ashwell Wood cut away drawings including signed ones of A2/2 Cock o' the North still numbered 2001 crossing the Border and a coaling tower and many others. Unless someone can show that an other wrote the text Wood should probably be acknowleged as the Author. Also contains cut away drawings by R.B. Way.

Oeynhausen, Carl von and Dechen, Heinrich von
Railways in England, 1826 and 1827; translated by E.A. Forward; edited by Charles E. Lee in collaboration with K.R. Gilbert. Cambridge: Heffer for the Newcomen Society, 1971. x, 83 p.. 6 plates; map. (Newcomen Society for the Study of the History of Engineering and Technology. Extra publications. No. 7.)
Originally published as Ueber Schienenwege in England: Bemerkungen gesammelt auf einer Reise in den Jahren 1826 und 1827. Berlin: Reimer, 1829. See also two Newcomen Society papers: E.A. Forward on his initial translation in Volume 29, page 1 et seq and K.R. Gilbert A note on Railways in England

Oliver, Alfred [Socrates, pseud]
Locomotive valve gears. Raynes Park: Author (Co-operative Printing Society), 1930.
Author was a driver on the Southern Railway and produced other titles aimed at serving mutual improvement classes. This title was seen at NRM (reserve). Acknowledges assistance from Gresley, Clayton, Maunsell and Hughes. Not in Ottley? although other titlrs by Oliver/Socrates are.

Oram, Hugh
Ireland's largest industrial railway — the Guinness system. Catrine: Stenlake Publishing Limited, softback, 48 pp.
Reviewed by DWM and given five stars in Backtrack

Ottley, George

Surnames beginning "P"

Pambour, Guyonneau (Comte de)
Practical treatise on locomotive engines upon railways. London: John Weale, London, 1836.
Difficult to find in original Ottley volume as filed under Guyonneau (2930), but usually cited as Pambour (e.g. Ahrons). Originally published in French, in France. Very important for early locomotive history. Not yet seen by KPJ..

Park, James
Science on the rails (The story of the railway scientists)
Available NRM and London Transport Museum. Seen NRM, but insufficient time to digest its riches

Parkin, Dean with C.R. Temple
Bygone Yarmouth: an A to Z. Carlton Colville: Rushmere, 1990.
Good example of obscure publication which contains several "Archive" type of pictures. As well as showing trams in the Market Square it shows (page 4) an LD&ECR wagon on Hall Quay c1910 and salt wagons: coal & salt were essential for the fishing industry.

Parkinson, R.M.
Light railway constructlon. London: Longmans, Green & Co.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1903, 8, 123

Paterson, Anne-Mary
Spanning the gaps: Highland Railway bridges and viaducts. Highland Railway Society. 96pp. Softback, 173 Photos/maps/diagrams.
Reviewed by RG in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 510

Paterson, Walter and Webster, H.
A manual of locomotive running shed management. London: 1925. 200 pp.
Ottley 3018

Patrick, D.
Steam locomotive design London: Draughtsman Publishing Co. Ltd. 1937. 92 pp. 43 diagrams, 2 tables

Patterson, E.M.

Paxman, Jeremy.
The Victorians: Briatain through the paintings of the age. London? BBC Books, 2009. 255pp.

Paxton, Roland
100 years of the Forth Bridge. Thomas Telford, 1999.

Paye, Peter.
The Wisbech & Upwell Tramway.
240pp. (Oakwood Library of Railway History No. 152)

Peacock, Bill
Border country railways.
Waverley Route reflections.
See NBR Study Group J., 1982, (17), 12

Peacock, Thomas Bevill
Great Western suburban services.
A trip by the Wye Valley train.
Author, 20pp.
Ottley shows that he wrote and published several short studies on railways; four of which were bound together as Musings. He was probably the son of the cardiologist who shares the same name. Good topic for someone who wishes to publish something, but would need access to either the NRM or British Librray. Reviewed in Locomotive Mag.,, 1948, 54, 64

Pearce, Thomas R.
The Locomotives of the Stockton and Darlington Railway. Historical Model Railway Society. 250pp.
Full description in section on early locomotives. Note not uncontaminated from Stretton (see page 5). This book is excellent except for some fuzzy references and the lack of an index: to an extent steamindex is attempting to make good some of this lack as page numbers are quoted for ciatations to it..

Pearson, A.J.
Man of the rail. London: Allen & Unwin, 1967. 203pp.
See also entry for Pearson

Pearson, John
Railways and scenery. 1867 and Cassell, 1932
Basil K. Cooper states in review The great trains edited by Bryan Morgan who calls it "mad, bad, almost unreadable" and "almost indispensable". Can only find an incomplete reference in Ottley: presumably because most of action takes place outwith England: look to Robert Humm in Stamford. Railway Wld, 1974, 35, 38

Peck, Alan Stanley
The Great Western at Swindon Works. Poole: Oxford Publishing Co, 1983. 281pp.
Ottley 17941: see appreciation by Blakemore BackTrack, 14, 250

Peel, Dave
Locomotive headboards: the complete story. Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 2006. 294pp.
The title is rather less than "not quite true", as the book is largely confined to those headboards fitted to "official named trains", the paradigm being the Flying Scotsman. Thus well-known headboards such as those associated with Pegler's Northern Rubber 659乐彩 specials are not included. The author appears to have missed the rather good series of articles by William Cattermole in Steam Wld, 2005 (notably in Issue 218 beginning on page 26) wherein he notes how he designed headboards for Eastern Region, although on page 207 Peel does note that Cattermole, as well as Peter Smith and Peter Townend, were responsible for designing headboards under the general direction of L.P. Parker. The book suffers from being based on a region by region basis rather than being chronological: this also leads to The Master Cutler being in two different sections (in back-to-front order).. Insufficient attention is paid to the practice originating in destination headboards and the decoration of locomotives for special events. There are some excellent and interesting photographs, but an edition in html would be far easier to use. For instance, on page 170 there is the well-known photograph of Eric Gill fitting his design of the Flying Scotsman headboard to No. 4475 Flying Fox at King's Cross on 21 November 1932. Other difficult to trace photographs are one of 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair with The Norfolkman headboard at Norwich in May 1949. An Imperial Airways Special Train headboard with that 659乐彩's symbol is shown (page 74) fitted to T9 No. 338 at Victoria about to leave the special air terminal platform for Southampton on 6 June 1939...

Pendred, Vaughan
The railway locomotive: what it is and why it is what it is. 1908. 310pp.
Available as an e-book free from charge. Aimed at the non-railway engineer with a considerable amount on the locomotive as a vehicle: begins with consideration of some major accidents.

Pennie, Robin.
John Ramsbottom: a Victorian engineering giant
. Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society, 2007. 96pp

Peter, Bruce
The changing face of British Railways.
. Ramsey, Isle of Man: Lily Publications, 2018. 336pp, 769 illustrations (494 colour),
Reviewed by Peter Brown. Journal Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2019, (234), 438

Pettigrew, W.F.

Philips, Stephen D.
The Lynton Barnstaple Railway measured and drawn: the railway and its archaeology. Hartlebury: SD Publications, 2012. 262pp, 250 pages of diagrams plans, 45 bw photos, hardback.
Reviewed by Brian Janes in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2013 (216), 64

Phillips, Charles
The Great Eastern Railway in South Essex: a definitive history. Barnsley: Pen & Sword Books, 2019. 256pp, 100 illustrations
Reviewed by Tony Kirby J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc. 2019 (236), 574
The Great Eastern since 1900. lan Allan Ltd, 96pp.
Reviewed Railway World, 1986, 47, 18

Phillipson, E.A.

Pike, Jim.
Locomotive names: an illustrated dictionary. Stroud: Sutton, 2000. 199pp.
See Locomotive names

Plumridge,  John H.
Hospital ships and ambulance trains.
Seeley, Service & Co Ltd. 203pp.
Ottley 11680 with a generous note "highly informative". Reviewed generously by by R.J. in Railway Wld, 1976, 37, 222.

Polaritz. Jack
P&LE's Bershires. Kahndog, 2004.
Copies available for American customers: cover visible on Internet. Cited Phil Atkins

Pole, F. :
Felix Pole : his book. Bracknell (Berks.), Town & Country Press. 234 p. illus.

Pollock, D.R. and White, D.E., compilers.
The 2-8-0 & 2-10-0 locomotives of the War Department, 1939-1945: Stanier L.M.S. type 2-8-0; British Austerity 2-8-0; British Austerity 2-10-0; Robinson L.N.E.R. class O4 2-8-0. Rly Obsr., 1946, 16 Supplement No.5. 40 p. + 4 plates. 9 illus., 2 diagrs.
Listed as monograph: Ottley 3056

Popplewell, Lawrence
Bournemouth railway history
. Dorset Publishing Co. 224pp.
Reviewed by Basil K. Cooper. Railway Wld, 1974, 35, 39  

Porter, Lindsey
Leek & Manifold Light Railway. Ashbourne: Asbourne Editions, 2002.  96pp.
All illustrations, but most of which are informative rather than decorative. Includes portraits of Everard R. Calthrop, John B. Earle and Godfrey Brewer, as well of locomotives.

Potter, G.W.J.
History of the Whitby & Pickering Railway. 2nd, ed, London: 1906. 81pp.
Ottley 7025
Railway medals and tokens. Brighton, 1901. Railway Club Library Vol. 1
Ottley 7439

Poultney, Edward Cecil

Powell, A[lec] J[ohn]
Living with London Midland locomotives. London: Ian Allan, 1977.156pp.
Stanier locomotive classes. London: Ian Allan, 1991. 96pp.
A4 format: each locomotive class is considered individually.

Pratley, Ron
Locomotives of the Hull & Barnsley Railway. HMRS, 2000. 48 pp. 4 col. plates, 17 line drawings, 56 illus.

Pratt, E.A.
British Railways and the Great War.  London: Selwyn & Blount, 1921. 2v.
Author had access to official information, Covers all aspects from the preparations for war in 1912 until the end of control, 1921. In addition to a general survey there is a short account for each major railway. Illus include portraits. maps. Originated as a part work: see Locomotive Mag., 1921, 27, 108

Price, J.H.
Tramcar, carriage & wagon builders of Birmingham: a short history of the rolling stock trade in the West Midlands, with notes on associated companies elsewhere. Author, 1982. 64pp.
Ottley 16082

Prideaux, J.D.C.A.
The English narrow gauge railway
David & Charles, 96pp,
Reviewed by JB in Rly Wld, 1978, 39, 506
Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Album. David & Charles. 96pp.
Reviewed by Basil K. Cooper in Railway Wld. 1975, 36, 211

Pring, Martyn
Luxury railway travel: a social and business history. Barrnsley: Pen & Sword Transport, 2019. 366pp.
Reviewed Backtrack. 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 366.

Pringle, J.W.
Report on the derailment of a passenger train, which occurred on the 24th August, 1927, near Sevenoaks on the Southern Railway. Ministry of Transport: Railway accidents [monograph]. London, H.M.S.O., 1928. 38 p. 5 diagrs. (incl. s. & f./r. els.), 6 tables, plan.
Gresley criticised the riding qualities of the tank engines on curves at high speed plus the vibration experienced with the 4-6-0.

Quinn, Tom.

Surnames beginning "Ra"

Radford, J.B.
Railway Correspondence and Travel Society (RCTS).

Railway Executive
Unification of British Railways: administrative principles and practice. London: Modern Transport. 1951.
Includes contributions from Barrington-Ward, Riddles, Train, Watson, Blee and W.P. Allen and a foreword by John Elliot.

Railway Gazette
It used to be the practice to reprint series of articles as booklets which were sometimes reviewed in other journals (some are listed below)
British locomotive types: compiled from official drawings supplied by the chief mechanical engineers of the four main-line railways. London, Railway Publishing Co., 1937. vii p. + 113 plates. 113 diagrs. (s. els.)
Major sources of diagrammatic material and compiled technical data. Reviewed Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1937, 43, 335. 5th edition reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 142. Sixth edition reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 14 Ottley 3052
Centenary of railway inspection. Reprinted from Railway Gazette. 1940. 20pp.
Ottley 5353, Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1940, 46, 250

The Railway Handbook 
1946-1947 reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 14

The railway traveller's handy book of hints, suggestions and advice... London, 1862. 154pp..
Ottley 4926. Reprint in which Jack Simmons had some involvement reviewed in Railway World, 1971, 32, 506

Raistrick, Arthur
Quakers in science and industry: being an account of the Quaker contributors to science and industry during the 17th and 18th centuries. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1968. 361pp.
Originally published Bannisdale Press in 1950: states that Hoskinson, a Quaker, was one of the judges at the Rainhill Trials. This appears to be incorrect.

Ransom, Philip John Greer
Ransome-Wallis, P., editor

Rapley, John
The Britannia and other tubular bridges. Stroud (Gloucs.): Tempus. 160pp.
Reviewed by Martin Barnes in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc, 2004, 34, 488 where it is stated that it is a "model of effective history"

Ratcliffe, R.L.
The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway.. London: Locomotive Club of Great Britain, 1980. 24pp.
Ottley 12484

Rattenbury, Gordon and Lewis, M.J.T.
Merthyr Tydfil tramroads and their locomotives. RCHS, 2004. 88pp.
Reviewed by Stephen Jones in Journal of the Railway & Canal Historical Society, 2004, 34, 640

Raymond, William G.
Elements of railroad engineering. 6th edition. with  H.E. Riggs and W.C. Sadler. Chapman & Hall.  New York: John Wiley
Presumably a historical curiosisity: lightly reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 164
Railroad field manual for civil engineers. Chapman & Hall, Ltd.
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1915, 22, 288

Reder, Gustav
Clockwork, steam and electric; translated by C. Hamilton Ellis. Ian Allan Ltd. 216pp.
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1973, 34,82

Redwood, Christopher
The Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway. Sequoia Publishing/Avon-Anglia. 183pp.
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1982, 43, 152

Reed, Brian
Reed, Malcolm C.
Rees, Jim

Reynolds, Michael
Continuous railway brakes: a practical treatise. London 1882.
Ottley 3232: notes that includes a historical survey.
Locomotive engine-driving: a practical manual for engineers in charge of locomotive engines. London: 1877-
Ottley 4032: 8th edition 1888. Seen 6th edition (1884): facsimile reprint with title: Steam engine locomotive train driving manual; ed. T. Wallis. London: Karnak with extraordinary cover photograph.. Short extract in Hardy.
Engine-driving life: or, stirring adventures in the lives of locomotive engine-drivers. London: 1881.
Ottley 4042. 3rd edition 1894.

Ribeiro, George, and Hulme, William
Ribeiro’s train-rating diagrams. [with “Train resistance charts.”]. London: Locomotive Publishing Co. , [1932]
BLPC not in Ottley. See also Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1932, 38, 291.

Rich, Fred
Yesterday once more: a story of Brighton steam. Bromley: P.E. Waters & Associates, 1996. 168pp.

Richards, Jack and Searle, Adrian.  
The Quintinshill Conspiracy: the shocking true story behind Britain's worst rail disaster. Pen & Sword. 224pp.
Reviewed in Backtrack, 2014, 28, 382 and eulogised by Rolph Walker in Backtrack letter (Volume 29, p. 445)

van Riemsdijk, J.T.

Rigney, Peter
Trains, coal and turf: transport in Emergency Ireland. Irish Academic Press. 2010. 200pp.
2012 Transport History Book of the year (needess to say not in Norfolk "library")

Rimmer, Alan.
Testing times at Derby: a 'Privileged' view of steam. Usk: Oakwood, 2004. 120pp. (RS14)
Began as a series of articles in a periodical Locomotives large and small in the 1980s. Several interesting references to locomotive testing..

Ripper, William

Ritchie, R.
Railways: their rise, progress and construction, with remarks on railway accidents and proposals for their prevention... London: 1846.
Ottley 4980

Robbins, Michael

Robertson, Charles James Alan
The origins of the Scottish railway system, 1728-1844.
"A very finely finished work: the best historical account yet produced of the history of railways in any part of Great Briatin". [Jack Simmons, Oxford Companion]. Further appreciation by Rutherford (Backtrack 14, 541).

Robertson, Kevin

Roche, F.J.
Historic locomotive drawings in 4 mm scale.
London, Ian Allan, [196 ] 104 p.
Seventy types of locomotives and tenders are presented in elevation and plan form. It is intended to help railway modellers and is a selection from the Roche drawings which were originally published as individual units between 1948 and 1952.

Roden, Andrew
The Duchesses: the story of Britain's ultimate steam locomotives. London: Arum, 2008. 248pp. + 8 col. plates (22 illus., some col.)
Flying Scotsman: an extraordinary story of the world's most famous train. London: Arum, 2007. 246pp. + 8 col. plates (33 illus., some col.). Bibliog.

Rogers, H.C.B.
Rolt, Lionel Thomas Carswell (Tom) (1910-74)

Rose, Peter.
Railway memories, No. 3. Leeds. Todmorden: Bellcode. 1992. 96pp.
Ottley 14163

Ross, David

Rous-Marten, Charles
British locomotive practice & performance: extracts from the pioneering Railway Magazine articles of 1902-1908; ed. Charles Fryer. Wellingborough: Patrick Stephens, 1990. 158pp.

Rowland, Don
British Railways wagons: the first half milliom. Newton Abbot:: David & Charles, 1985. 192pp'
Ottley 19107

Rowland, John
Railway pioneer: the story of George Stephenson. Lutterworth Press. 121pp.
Written for children. Reviewed Railway World, 1972, 33, 37

Rowledge, J.W.P.

Rowse, A.L.
The diaries; edited Richard Ollard. Allen Lane, 2003. 462pp.
The diaries are of interest because (i) he makes an interesting comment on Sir Ralph Wedgwood and (ii) he new Jack Simmons moderately well and his comments are incorporated in the section on Simmons and his work.

Surnames beginning "Ru"

Rush, R.W.
See also note under authorship based on an obituary
British steam railcars. Tarrant Hinton: Oakwood, 1989. (Locomotion Papers 53).142pp. + addenda and corrigenda (2pp)
Owes much to a paper by Hurry Riches (one of the many omissions from Oxford Companion)
The Furness Railway: 1843-1923. Oakwood Press, 1973. 113pp.
Ottley 11707: copy seen had a 64pp Supplement: Furnace Railway locomotives and rolling stock.

Russell, Colin and Hudson, John.
Early railway chemistry and its legacy. RSC Publishing. 2011. 208pp.

Russell, J.H.
See separate page

Rutherford, Michael
See separate page

Surnames beginning "Sa"

Salveson, Paul
The Settle-Carlisle Railway.  Crowood Press, paperback, 208pp,
Reviewed by DJ (David Joy?) Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 366: see also authorship

Sambrook, Chris
British carriage & wagon builders & repairers, 1830-2006. Lydney: Lightmoor, 2007, 200pp.
Rodney Hartley (J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2009, 36, 63) considers it to be "a very good reference book"

Sanders, T.H.

Satow, Michael and Ray Desmond 
Railways of the Raj. London: Scolar Press. 118pp. Landacape format
Foreword by Paul Theroux. Ray Desmond was the Librarian at the India Office. Short text (about three pages) cover locomotive development on the Sub-Continent. Main function of book is reproduction of early photographs plus reproductions of a few paintings and some cartoons, mainly related to the troops who suffered the heat and military discipline..

Saunders, P.H.
Wagon details and construction. London: Crosby, Lockwood & Son. 1932.
Reviewed Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1932, 38, 74

Sauvage, E.

Savage, C.I.
Inland transport. London: HMSO, 1957. 678pp.  (History of the Second World War)

Science Museum, London
The British railway locomotive: a brief pictorial history of the first fifty years of the British steam railway locomotive, 1803-1853; compiled by G.W. Westcott. London: HMSO, 1958.
Handbook of the collections illustrating land transport. [Part] 3. Railway locomotives and rolling stock, by E.A. Forward. Part I. A historical review. London, H.M.S.O., 1931. 100 p. + front. + 24 plates. 48 illus.
9 pp. describe the 1920-1930 period.
Handbook of the collections illustrating land transport. [Part] 3. Railway locomotives and rolling stock, by E.A. Forward. Part 2. Descriptive catalogue. London, H.M.S.O., 1931. 119 p. + 12 plates. 24 illus.
Reviewed Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1932, 38, 74

Scott, E.K.  
Matthew Murray, pioneer engineer. Leeds: 1928. 132pp.
Ottley 2855

Scott, William.
Locomotives of the LMS NCC and its predecessors. Newtownards: Colourpoint, 2008. 192pp. Bibliog.
Further information on this wonderful publisher's page

Scott-Morgan, John
The original Bulleid Pacifics.. Sparkford: Haynes, 2012. 160pp.
Red panniers: last steam on the Underground with Kirk Martin.  Lydney: Lightmoor, 2008.
One of the authors (Kirk Martin) worked as a fireman on these locomotives and describes his work. Reviewer (Tim Edmonds: J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2009, 36, 61) considers that it is "over-illustrated".

Sekon, G.A.

Sells, M.P.
How the locomotive works, and why. Locomotive Publishing Co., 1936. 93pp.
See Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 200
The steam locomotive of today. Locomotive Publishing Co., 1951. 250pp
Ottley 3039 and 3081. See also Sells

Semmens, Peter W.B.

Sewell, G.W.M. (Bill)
The North British Railway in Northumberland. Baunton, Devon: Merlin Books, 1993.
Author major contributor to North British Railway Study Group
Northumbrian railway reflections (in 3 volumes). Bellingham: Heritage Centre, 2018 (originally 1992/1993)
See review and obituary in North British Railway  Study Group Journal, 2018 (134) page 44

Sewell, John
Elementary treatise on steam and locomotion, etc. 1852. 2 volumes
Also An elementary treatise on steam and the steam-engine ... being an extension of the Elementary treatise on steam of John Sewell. By D. K. Clark. London: 1875. Citedc by C.F. Dendy Marshall in Locomotive Mag., 1925, 31, 64: not in Ottley

Shannon, Paul
Rail freight since 1968: wagonload. Great Addington: Silver Link, 2008.

Sharman, Mike
The Crampton locomotive. Oakwood Press: 1983.
Biography of Sharman

Sharpe, Brian.
The Flying Scotsman: the legend lives on. Barnsley: Wharncliffe Transport, 2009. 192pp.

Shepherd, Cliff
Skinningrove Iron and Steel Works — its history, railways and locomotives. Industrial Railway Society, 2013. 200pp
2013 Railway Book of the Year (Railway & Canal Historical Society prize: see Bulletin No. 444 (2013)

Shepherd, W. Ernest
The Dublin & South Eastern Railway. Newton Abbott: David & Charles. 1974. 231pp.

Sherwood,  Shirley
Venice Simplon Orient-Express. Weidenfield & Nicolson, 160pp,
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1983, 44, 522

Sherwood, Tim
Charles Tyson Yerkes: the traction king of London. Chalford: Tempus, 2008. 157pp. + plates.
Reviewed (twice) in Backtrack Volume 23 by RH (page 125) and MJS (page 190): KPJ: a very good read.

Shorland-Ball, Rob .
Cambridge Station: its development & operation as a rail centre. Pen & Sword Books Ltd, Hardback, 187 pp.
Reviewed by G.B. Skelsey in Backtrack, 2018, 32, 574

Sillcox,  Lewis K.
Mastering momentum. New York City: Simmons-Boardman, 274 pp. 130 illustrations
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1941, 47, 72

Simmons, Jack
The Oxford companion to British railway history.

Simpson, C.R.H. and Roberts, F.B.
Locomotives and their working... London, Virtue, 1952. 2 v. (viii, 561 p.) + 2 folding fronts. + 12 plates (incl. 4 col. & 8 folding). 86 illus., 271 diagrs.
A textbook for enginemen.

Sinclair, Angus
Development of the Locomotive Engine. New York: Angus Sinclair Publishing Co. London: The Locomotive Publishing Co. 1907.
Not in Ottley: see review in Locomotive Mag., 1908, 14, 39

Singer, Charles
History of Technology. Oxford University Press, 1958. 5 v.
A major reference work. Hamilton Ellis wrote chapter on the development of railway engineering in Volume 5. Pickles, S.S. Production and utilization of rubber. Chapter 31 also in Volume 5. 752-75.

Skellon, Peter W.
Bashers, Gadgets and Mourners: the life and times of the LNWR Coal Tanks. Bahamas Locomotive Society.
Steam locomotive lubrication: its development and practice. Barrow-in-Furness: MIC Publications, 1997. 160pp. diagrs., illus., table. bibliography.

Slinn, J.N.
The Great Western Railway: the Great Western way. HMRS, 1978.
See Ottley 11787 for what appears to be a complex publication first published in 1967 and published in a much larger version in 1978.

Smith, David L.
Locomotives of the Glasgow and South Western Railway. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1976. 192pp.

Surnames beginning "Sm"

Smith, David J. 
GWR signalling practice. Great Western Study Group. 400pp.
Reviewed (recommended) by Ian Pope in Archive Issue 103

Smith, David L.
See separate entry

Smith, Dawn
The Biographical Dictionary of Britain’s Railway Personalities, Organisations & Events, 1597 - 1923: excluding Ireland, Isle of Man & Channel Islands
. Glebe Publications, Peterlee.

Smith, G. Royde
Old Euston: an account of the beginning of the London & Birmingham Railway and the building of Euston Station. London: LMS Rly., 1938. 70pp. + 6 plates
Ottley 6367. Reviewd Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 29.
The history of Bradshaw: a centenary review of the origin and growth of the most famous guide in the world. 76pp.
Ottley 7941. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1940, 46, 113

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Hartlepool railways. Stroud: Amerley, 2013.
Thomas Hackworth — locomotive engineer.  George Smith. Fonthill, softback, 144pp,
Reviewed Backtrack, 2015, 29, 702
Wylam: 200 years of railway history. Stroud: Amerley, 2012. 128pp
Reviewed by Phil Atkins in Backtrack, 2014, 28, 62

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Scotland's lost railways 1. The Borders; edited , Moorfoot Publishing, 36pp .
Reviewed Railway Wld, 1982, 43, 430.

Smith, Martin
Britain's light railways. Shepperton: Ian Allan, 1994. 192pp,
An extremely useful reference work complete with a modest Bibliography and an excellent Introduction which enumerates the relatively extensive legislation relating to light railways. The book excludes street-based systems and miniature railways. The following are described: 1 Amesbury & Military Camp Light Railway 2 Ashover Light Railway 3 Avonmouth Light Railway 4 Axaninster & Lyme Regis Light Railway 5 Bankfoot Light Railway 6 Barton & Immingham Light Railway 7 Basingstoke & Alton Light Railway 8 Bentley & Bordon Light Railway 9 Bere Alston & Calstock Light Railway 10 Bideford, Westward Ho! & Appledore Railway 11 Brackenhill Light Railway 12 Burry Port & Gwendraeth Valley Railway 13 Cairn Valley Light Railway 14 Campheltown & Machrihanish Light Railway 15 Cawood, Wistow & Selby Light Railway 16 Cleobury Mortimer & Ditton Priors Light Railway 17 Corringham Light Railway 18 Derwent Valley Light Railway 19 Dornoch Light Railway 20 Easingwold Railway 21 East Kent Light Railway 22 Edge Hill Light Railway 23 Elliot Junction & Carmyllie Light Railway 24 Elsenham & Thaxted Light Railway 25 Festiniog Railway 26 Firbeck Light Railway 27 Fraserburgh & St Combs Light Railway 28 Gifford & Garvald Railway 29 Goole & Marshland Light Railway and Isle of Axholme Light Railway 30 Grimsby District Light Railway 31 Kelvedon, Tiptree & Tollesbury Pier Light Railway 32 Kent & East Sussex Light Railway 33 Kingsnorth Light Railway 34 Lampeter, Aberayron & New Quay Light Railway 35 Lauder Light Railway 36 Leadhills & Wanlockhead Light Railway 37 Leek & Manifold Light Railway 38 Lowca Light Railway 39 Maidens & Dunure Light Railway 40 Mawddwy Light Railway 41 Mid-Suffolk Light Railway 42 Nidd Valley Light Railway 43 North Devon & Cornwall Light Railway 44 North Lindsey Light Railway 45 North Sunderland Railway 46 Ponteland Light Railway 47 Sand Hutton Light Railway 48 Sheppey Light Railway 49 Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway 50 South Shields, Marsden & Whitburn Colliery Railway 51 Tanat Valley Light Railway 52 Tickhill Light Railway 53 Totton, Hythe & Fawley Light Railway 54 Vale of Rheidol Light Railway 55 Welsh Highland Railway 56 Welshpool & Lianfair Light Railway 57 Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Light Railway 58 Wick & Lybster Light Railway 59 Wrington Vale Light Railway.
British railway bridges and viaducts. Ian Allan, 1995?. 176 pp
Reviewed in NBRSG Journal Issue 59 p. 32

Smith, Vernon L[yle]
One man's locomotives: 50 years experienced with railway motive power. Glendale: Trans-Anglo Books, 1987. LC 86025085.
Commands very high prices on Internet

Smith, W.A.C. and Paul Anderson
An illustrated history of Glasgow's railways
. Irwell Press, 1993.

Smithers, Mark
An illustrated history of 18 inch gauge steam railways. Sparkford: Oxford Publishing Co., 1992. 176pp.
Lines were constructed to this gauge at Crewe an Horwich Locomotive Works, notably at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, and at Chatham Dock Yard. The Sand Hutton Light Railway also employed this gauge. Some former euipment has been used in preserved lines, notably at Bicton Woodlands. The John Knowles & Co. (Wooden Box) Ltd at Woodville in Leicestershire is also described.
Locomotive builders of Leeds: E.B. Wilson & Manning Wardle. Barnsley: Pen & Sword Transport.199pp. hardback.
Reviewed by MR in Backtrack

Sir Arthur Heywood and the fifteen inch gauge railway. Plateway. 1995

Snell, J.B.

Snell, S.
A story of railway pioneers: being an account of the inventions and works of Isaac Dodds and his son, Thomas Weatherburn Dodds. London, 1921.
Ottley 2846. Ransom's Iron road is critical of this work.

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The steam locomotive—how it works and how it is driven [in]:
St. John, J., editor.
Britain's railways today. London, Naldrett, 1954,192 pp. incl.front.& 46 plates. 98 illus., 17 diagrs., 2 tables.
A series of signed articles by railway officials.

Stead, Christopher
The birth of the steam locomotive – a new history. Haddenham: Fern House, 2002. 115pp.

Steel, Ernest A. and Steel, Elenora H. The miniature world of Henry Greenly. Kings Langley: Model & Allied Publications, 1973. 251pp.
Not without errors: on page 55 it refers to a meeting with Bowen-Cooke at Derby (and visit to Willans' engineering works): thus must have been Rugby! Reviewed by A.B.M in Railway World, 1973, 34, 257

Steel, George MacLennan
Dundee's iron horses... Edinburgh, 1974.
Full details.

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The history of the London & North Western Railway. London, 1914. 502.pp.
Ottley 6353. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1914, 20, 43

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Scottish stteam miscellany. Truro: Bradford Barton. 1977. 96pp
Steam supreme: recollections of Scottish railways in the 1920s. Truro: Bradford Barton. [1980]. 151pp.
Son of the manse: commuted across Forth Bridge to school in Edinburgh from 1915. Includes some very interesting photographs.Reviewed Rly Wld, 1980, 41, 491 and by Rich Heard in NBR Study Gp. J., 1980 (11) 31.

Stephenson Locomotive Society

Stevens, Edward Cleveland.
English railways: their development and relation to the state. London: 1915, 332pp.
Ottley 3635

Stockton-on-Tees Railway Centenary Committee.
The Centenary of public railways at their birthplace, Stockton-on-Tees, with a brief history of the town prior to and since 1825. 1925. 105pp.
Item sent in error from a Doncaster online bookseller. Ottley 382 [Railway Club item]. Very low standard of reproduction of photographs and very much the world as seen from Stockton.

Stoffels, W.
Lokomotivbau und Dampftechnik. Basel and Stuttgart: Birkhäuser-Verlag, 1976

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Both sides of the footplate.
Truro: Bradford Barton, [1985?]. 111pp.

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Railway carriages and wagons: their design and construction. London: Railway Engineers, [1911]. (Railway series of text books and manuals by railway men for railway men and others; No. 4)
Ottley 3154: seen Edinburgh Central Library: odd mixture of whom known and very secondary sources.

Storrs, Sir Ronald
Dunlop in war and peace. London: Hutchinson, 1946
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 14

Stretton,  Clement Edwin

Summers, A. [Alf] W.
Engines good and bad;

Summers, Jim
Operating the Caledonian Railway, Volume 1. Lightmoor Press & Caledonian Railway Association, 2019, 168pp,
Reviewed by PT (Peter Tatlow?) in Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 124. Summers is a key volunteer of the Scottish Railway Preservation Society at Bo'ness

Summers, L.A.

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Anecdotes, reminiscences, and conversations of and with the late George Stephenson, Father of Railways. London, 1878. xi, 116pp.
Ottley 2452. Cited by Bailey in Early Railways 6

Summerson, Stephen

Midland Railway locomotives. Volume 1. General survey. Clophill: Irwell Press, 2000. 154p.
Does not appear to be in BLPC, but available Amazon Books and in stock Luton PL (when its OPAC is up).. The book suffers from the usual limitations of the Irwell Press and its poor production standards, but does include a great wealth of detail, although very little on the Kirtley period..
Midland Railway locomotives. Volume 2. The Kirtley classes. Irwell Press, 2007.
Midland Railway locomotives. Volume 3. The Johnson classes. Part 1. The slim boiler passenger tender engines, passenger and goods tank engines. Clophill: Irwell Press, 2002. 196p.
Many illus. and tables. The tables suffer from excessive length and from excessive darkness of type. The illustrations are well reproduced, however.
Midland Railway locomotives. Volume 4. The Johnson classes. Part 2. Irwell Press, 2005.
Also includes Deeley and Fowler locomotives.

Swift, Peter.

Sylvester, Charles
Report on rail-roads and locomotive engines addressed to the Chairman of the Liverpool & Manchester projected Rail-Road. Liverpool, 1825. 39pp.
Ottley 262

Surnames beginning "T"

Talbot, Edward

Tatlow, Joseph
Fifty years of railway life in England, Scotland and Ireland. 1920.
(Ottley 1653)

Tatlow, Peter

Tayler, A.T.H.
Illustrated history of North American railways. London: Apple Press. 1996
A popular book, but correct in its engineering: striking illustrations. Very good on electric and diesel traction, but sections on steam well done: see also Clouds of steam
Sulzer types 2 and 3. London: Ian Allan, 1984. 96pp.

Taylor, Sheila
The moving Metropolis. London: Laurence King, 2001. 400pp.
Mott is an amazing omission

Taylorson, Keith
Narrow guage at war. Croydon : Plateway, c1987.

Tennant. W.T.
The compound engine. London: Perciavl Marshall, 1905.
Reviewed in Loco. Mag., 1905, 11, 161.  Examples are of locomotives. Available online in USA but due to British restrictive practices not available in country of origin. Not in Ottley.

Tester, Adrian P.
Thomas, David St John
Thomas, John

Thomas, R.H.G.
Author justified an entry in Oxford Companion
The Liverpool & Manchester Railway. London: Batsford, 1960. 264pp.
Ottley 12199. Foreword by Jack Simmons. Chapter 9: Locomotives & rolling stock. Other chapters describe the working conditions of the early railway workers, including the very high rate of fatalities and serious injuries, and the experience of the new form of travel. Sources are quoted moderately fully. Note Michael Bailey (Trans. Newcomen Soc., 60, 127) considers that speed cited for Rocket at Rainhill is incorrect.
London's first railway: the London & Greenwich. London: Batsford, 1972. 270pp. Bibliography
Ottley 12473:

Thompson, Paul Murray
Matthew Murray 1765-1826 and the firm of Fenton, Murray and Co., 1795-1844. 498pp, 100 b&w illustrations, softback, privately published in a limited edition of 500 by the author.
Reviewed by MR (Michael Rutherford?) in Backtrack, 2017, 31, 126

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A short history of American railways. Second edition. New York: D. Appleton and Co. London: The Locomotive Publishing Co. Ltd..
Digitized University of Michigan. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1930, 36, 71.

Thorley, W.G.F.
A breath of steam. Vol. 1. London: Ian Allan, 1975. 199pp.
The second volume never appeared as the author died before it could be prepared. Written by a perceptive fitter on the Midland section of the LMS and later during WW2 on the Tilbury section. Sadly Thorley died before Volume 2 could be written.See also engineers.

Thorne, Robert
Liverpool Street Station.. London: Academy Editions, 1978. 88pp.
Ottley 8758

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The Locomotives of the Southern Ry. (Eastern Section), London: W.G. Tilling, 1928. [41]pp.
Ottley 7346: reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1928, 34, 340

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In and around Swindon Works. Stroud (Glos): Amberley, 2015. 96pp.

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Tomlinson's North Eastern Railway: its rise and development; new edition with introduction by K. Hoole. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1967. 820pp.+40 plates.
See separate assessment of Authorship,

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The Claughton & Patriot 4-6-0s. Didcot: Wild Swan, c2006. 124 pp. (Historical locomotive monographs; No. 3)

Tonks, Eric S.

Topping, Brian
The engine driver's manual: how to prepare, fire and drive a steam locomotive. Sparkford: OPC, 1998. 192pp.
Largely intended as a practical guide for the novice footplate person on heritage railways: has some excellent diagrams/photographs of locomotive controls within the cabs of LMS class 2 2-6-0?, Collett 2251 and King classes, Maunsell King Arthur and Schools classes, LNER B1 and A4 and BR class 4 4-6-0.

Tourret, Richard
Petroleum tank wagons of Britain. Abingdon: Tourret Publishing, c1980. 140pp.
Author's own citation: BL shelf mark: X.622/12355 Woolwich

Townend, P.N.
Townroe, S.C.

Tratman, E.E.R.
Railway track and track work. New York. 3rd ed. 1909.
2nd ed. 1901 available as free e-book: cited by Andrew Dow in Railway p. 27

Tredgold, Thomas

Trevithick, Francis
Life of Richard Trevithick and an account of his inventions. London: Spon, 1872. 2v.
An important work upon which Rolt's brief Cornish giant was based. Adequate indexes, but excellent Contents pages (for each volume).

Truman, Peter
Midland Railway portrait with David Hunt. Platform 5 Publishing. 1989.

Tuck, H.
Every traveller's guide to the railways of England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, France and Germany... London, 1843. 64pp.
Ottley 7913

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A4 Pacific locomotives. Addlestone: Ian Allan, 2016. 144pp.
Cock o' the North: Gresley's bold experiment. Fonthill Media, 2014. 144pp.
Reviewed by P. Atkins in Backtrack, 2016,
Voices from Doncaster Plant Works. History Press, 2010.
Reviewed by R. Hennessey in Backtrack, 2010, 25, 508 and see list of those who worked there who are included

Tufnell, Robert
Prototype locomotives. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1985. 112pp.
Great Western Railway No 40, Paget locomotive, Turbine condensing locomotives, the Kitson-Still locomotive, the first No 10000 (Gresley/Yarrow), LMS Fury, LMS Turbomotive, Bulleid Leaders, The second No 10000, the Southern trio — Nos 10201/2/3, The Fell—No 10100, Deltic, Brush Falcon No D0280, D0260 Lion , DP2, the Southern Railway Co-Cos (electric), the gas turbine trio—nearly a quartet, the two ordered by the GWR and GT3.

Tuplin, W.A.

Turnbull, Les
The railway revolution: a study of the early railways of the Great Northern Coalfield 1605-1830. Newcastle upon Tyne: North of England. Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers in association with the Newcastle upon Tyne Centre of the Stephenson Locomotive Society. 2019. 172 pp.

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Shropshire & Montgomershire Railway. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1982.

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The Leek & Manifold Light Railway. Stroud: Tempus, 2005.
Reviewed by Allan Brackenbury in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2005, 35, 209: notes that new edition of work published in 1980.

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Railways in the British Isles landscape, land use and society. Adam & Charles Black, 259pp.
Reviewed Railway Wld, 1983, 44, 93.

The 20,000 British locomotives. Huddersfield: Quadrant Publications. iv, 52pp.
Ottley 2789. Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 194

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Modern railway signalling.
London: Gresham Publishing Co.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1927, 33, 169

Tyler, Keith and others
Stanier 8F 2-8-0. Truro: Bradford Barton
Reviewed Railway Wld., 1979, 40, 94.

Surnames beginning "U"

UNION Internationale des Chemins de Fer
Lexique generale des termes ferroviaires. London, Allen & Unwin, 2nd ed. 1965. 1357 p.
A polyglot dictionary, based on French. It lacks definitions.

Universal Directory of  Railway Officials and Railways
1946-1947 edition reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 14

Ure, Adrian
Local railways. Alloa: Clackmannan District Libraries, 1981-6. 2 v.
Ottley 14321

Surnames beginning V

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The Great North of Scotland Railway. Dawlish: David & Charles, 1965. 192pp.
Ottley 9584
The Highland Railway. Dawlish: David & Charles, 1963. 182pp.
Reviewed Rly Wld, 1963, 24, 118. Originally published by Stockwell in 1939 and rreviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 28 (noting excellence, but also some errors)
The railway enthusiast's bedside book. London, Batsford, 1966. 264 p. + 32 plates. 47 illus.

Vamplew, Wray
The turf.. Allen Lane. 1976.
York University OPAC

Vanns, Michael A.
An illustrated history of signalling. Shepperton: Ian Allan, 1997. 144pp.
Witness to change. Hersham: Ian Allan
Sir Arthur Elton and his collection of art relating to the industrial revolution, especially railways, donated to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum.. Reviewed by Martin Barnes in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2004, 34, 498. [KPJ must see if near a "city"]

Vaughan, Adrian
See separate page

Vaughan, John
The Newquay Branch and its Branches. OPC, 1991
Described by Treloar as excellent

Vaughan, Maurice George.
The locomotive engineman’s and fireman’s examination guide, etc. 7th edition. Plymouth: Hoyten & Cole, 1900. pp. 80
BLPC: extract in Hardy

Vernon, Tony
Archibald Sturrock - pioneer locomotive engineer. Tempus, 2007.
See review by Phil Atkins in Backtrack, 2008, 22, 126 who gives it a deserved five star rating.
Yorkshire Engine 659乐彩: Sheffield's locomotive manufacturer. History Press.
See review by Phil Atkins in Backtrack, 2009, 23, 382 who awards five stars [KPJ hopes to see when he escapes from bookfree Norfolk]

Vigerie, Raoul
La Locomotive actuelle, d'après "Le Mécanicien de chemin de fer" de L.-P. Guédon with Émile Devernay, preface by Jean Lancrenon. Paris: Dunod. 1936.
Reviewed briefly in Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 330.

Vignoles, K.H.
Charles Blacker Vignoles. CUP, 1982.
Abebooks.com has several copies of this, and the earlier biography (below) at what appear to be high prices [this is probably due to the Florida connexion]. Reviewed Railway Wld. 1983, 44, 93

Vignoles, Olinthus J.
Life of Charles Blacker Vignoles, soldier and civil engineer. London: Longmans, Geek, 1889.
Ottley 2586: same source notes several publications by subject of biography.

Vuillet, G.
Railway reminiscences of three continents. London, Nelson, 1968. x, 357 p. + front. + 48 plates. 92 i lIus;, 110 tables.
Some British performance is included. Vuillet was a French observer and the English is tortuous in places.

Surnames beginning "W"

Wade, E.A.
The Plynlimon & Hafan Tramway
. Twelveheads Press.
Reviewed by David Joy in Backtrack, 1998, 12, 234

Waite, Peter Barrie
Railways of Nottingham  incorporating the Nottingham Colwick Estates Light Railway and the L N W R Colwick Shed: a history of the Great Northern Colwick motive power depot and marshalling yards.
Nottingham: Book Law Publications. 2004
NRM Search Engine reserve via York Univ. OPAC

Walker, Charles
Thomas Brassey, railway builder. London: Muller, 1969. 183pp+ 12 plates,
Ottley: 10217.

Walker, Thomas A.
The Severn Tunnel: its construction and difficulties, 1872-1887. Stroud: Nonsuch, 2004 [reprint of 1888 work].
Reviewed by Peter Richards J Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2005, 35, 206: a well-produced book

Wall, John
First in the world: the Stockton and Darlington Railway. Stroud: Sutton, 2001. 212pp.
Checked BLPC

Walters, David
British railway bridges.  London: Ian Allan Ltd. 72 pp.
"Reviewed" by HS in Rly Wld, 1963, 24, 238-9.

Ward, Laurie?
Modern locomotives No. 1. Birmingham: Rylee, 1948. 32pp.
14 coloured drawings with dimensions on opposite page in landscape format with "WARD" on picture. Also available as individual prints. The contents for "No. 2" are listed, but do not appear to exist

Warren, Alan
Barry Scrapyard: the preservation miracle. London: David & Charles, 1988.

Warren, J.G.H.
A Century of locomotive building by Robert Stephenson & Co., 1823-1923. Newcastle: Andrew Reid, 1923. (reprinted David & Charles with introduction by W.A. Tuplin in 1970). 461pp. extensive index. Fuller information

Waters, Laurence
The Great Western broad gauge. Shepperton: Ian Allan, 1999. 96pp.
Some of the photographs have been better reproduced elsewhere. The captions are excellent. Mainly a locomotive history.

Way, R. Barnard
Famous British trains. London: Ivor Nicholson & Watson
see review of this book Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 166.
How, why and when?-Railway engines, their history, growth and development: written and illustrated by  R. Barnard Way. London: Cassell.
The author and illustrator had a distinctive style: see review of this book Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 301.
Meet the locomotive. London: Transportation Press, [1947]. 49pp.
Ottley 3062: reprinted by Ian Allan in 1999

Weale, J.
Description of the Patent locomotive steam engine. 1838.
Free e-book. Not in Ottley except Ottley 344 which cites R. Mallet Three reports upon improved methods of constructing and working atmospheric railways from Weale's Quarterly Reports on Engineering 1845

Webb, Ben
Locomotive engineers of the LNER. London: Ian Allan, 1946. 76pp. illus. (incl. ports.)
Brief biogaphies of LNER and its constituents
Locomotive engineers of the Southern Railway and its constituent companies. London: Ian Allan, 1946. 87pp.

Webb, Brian

Webster, Henry Charles (Harry)
British railway rolling stock. Oxford University Press. 159 pp. Oblong 8vo.
Review in Locomotive Mag., 1942, 48, 148 indicates several severe errors
Introduction to the locomotive. London, Sampson Low, Marston, [1947]. vi, 56 p. 16 diagrs.
A lucid introduction.
Locomotive running shed practice: the maintenance and servicing of locomotives. London. OUP, 1947. 222pp.
Ottley 3064. indication of content Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1947, 53, 113.
Railway motive power. London, Hutchinson, 1952. 311 p. front. + plates. 69 illus., 35 diagrs., 2 tables.
The arrangement is sometimes poor, but it does contain a glossary.

Webster, N[orman] W[illiam]
Joseph Locke, Railway Revolutionary. London: Allen & Unwin, 1970. 218pp + 16 plates.
Ottley: 10220.

Weight, R.A.H.
Great Northern locomotives, 1847-1947. Hastings: Author, 1947. 78pp.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 64.

Weightman, Gavin
Children of light: how electricity changed Britain forever. London: Atlantic Books, 2011. 282pp,
The industrial revolutionaries: the creation of the modern world, 1776-1914. London: Atlantic Books, 2007. 422pp.
Further consideration

Welbourne, Nigel
Lost lines: British narrow gauge. Shepperton: Ian Allan, 2000, 128pp.
Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway (mainly the 3ft gauge railway, although the initial reopening as a 15in gauge line is shown in two pictures; Southwold Railway; Sand Hutton Light Railway (15in, subsequently 18in gauge using former War Department locomotives from Deptdord Meat Depot; 2ft 3in gauge Campbeltown & Machrihanish Light Railway; 2ft 6in gauge Leek & Manifold Valley Light Railway; Glyn Valley Tramway; 1ft 11½in Lynton & Barnstaple Railway; 3ft 6in gauge Jersey Railways & Tramways; 1ft 11½in gauge North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway/Portmdoc Beddgelert & South Snowdon Railway/Weslsh Highland Railway; 10¼in gauge Surrey Border & Camberley Railway; 3ft gauge Rye & Camber Tramway; Festiniog Railway (duing its years of closure); 2ft 3in gauge Corris Railway; the short-lived 60cm gauge Ashover Light Railway; a brief selection of Irish lines; the Manx Northern Railway; slate quarry railways in Wales and some other industrial and agricultural railways, notably that at Nocton Fen in Lincolnshire built to serve the Nocton Potato Estates, using 60cm WW1 material.
Lost lines in London — London. Ian Allan.
See review by T.J. Edgington in Backtrack (13-626) which  notes several significant errors: the City & South London line was not the "Twopenny Tube" (Central line); Euston House and Eversholt House are confused; and much about the Millwall Extension Railway is incorrect.

West, Theodore
The evolution of the locomotive engine. Darlington, c1900.
Ottley 2836 who recorded the work at the Railway Club: Hamilton Ellis Some classic locomotives noted that it is "not always trustworthy".

Westwater, Peter
North British Postcard Album: Volume 1 - North from Waverley. Kingdom of Fife Railway Preservation Society.

Westwood, J.N.
Locomotive designers in the age of steam. London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1977. 285pp. + plates

Wheeler, Geoffrey
Fired by steam. London: John Murray, 1987. landscape format.
Copy seen was a Magna Books reprint of 1995 which may have been poorly printed, but some of the 24 plates are disappointing: the greens appear to be too dark. See also authorship..

Whishaw, Francis
The railways of Great Britain and Ireland, practically described and illustrated. London, 1840. 500pp.
Ottley 420

Whitbread, J.R.
The railway policeman. London: Harrap. 1961? 268pp.
Reviewed by HS in Rly Wld, 1961, 22, 279

Whitcombe, H.M.
After Rocket: the forgotten years 1830-1870. Waddesdon: Kylin, 1981. 62pp. 25 colour plates
Ottley 15761: available off Internet courtesy NRM

White, Ian
LB&SCR carriages: Volume 3 .Bogie Stock, 1879-1907. Butterley: Historical Model Railway Society, 234 pp.
Reviewed (recommended) by Ian Pope in Archive Issue 103 and very warmly by Barry C. Lane in Backtrack.

White, John H.
A history of the American locomotive, its development: 1830-1880. New York: Dover, 1968.

White, Malcolm
The Yarmouth train. Lowestoft: Coastal Publications, 2005. 116pp.
Brief text followed by many illustrations including a colour section. Some of the photographs are highly interesting, notably of the Y10 Sentinel locomotives working on the quayside tramway system.

White, Ron

Whitehead, Alan.
The Midland in the 1930s. Shepperton: Ian Allan, 1982. 112pp.
Mainly pictorial: season-ticket holder from Radlett to St Pancras in 1930s. Page 39 President's Inspection Saloon at St P in early1930s: painted crimson lake with cream upper panels. No. 45000. two LMS emblems on side. Pp. 48-9 LMS diesel afrticulated railcar. Livery red and cream with silverr roof. Page 44 Fowler 2-6-4T No. 2300 painted in crimson lake. Also includes M&GNJR and NCC: Marriott 4-4-2T No. 20 noted on Mundesley to Cromer line.

Whitehouse, Patrick
with David St. John Thomas
LMS 150: the London Midland & Scottish Railway: a centuary and a half of progress. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1987. 208pp.
Coffee-table format, but many excellent writers involved, but difficult to know who did what.
A passion for steam. Newton Abbott: David & Charles, 1989.
A global approach: coffee-table format. Includes some serious material, some of whhich was written by A.J. Powell (and is sufficient interest to justify it being added to the chronology page).
Railway anthology. London: Ian Allan, 1965. 223pp.
See also Authorship

Wiener, Lionel
Articulated locomotives. London: Constable, 1930.
Includes Meyer, Fairlie, Golwé, Garratt, and the semi-articulated American Mallets, including the simple variant; and steam tenders. Includes a chronology. Review of original Belgian edition (French language): Loco. Carr. Wagon Rev., 1927, 33, 33..
Les ecartements des voies de chemins de fer. Brussels: Imprimerie F. van Buggenhoudt, London: Locomotive Publishing Co., Ltd.
Review of Belgian edition (French language): Loco. Carr. Wagon Rev., 1927, 33, 135..
Train speeds and services in 1938. International Railway Congress Association.
Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45,  157

Wilkinson, Alan
Great preserved locomotives - 1. Stanier '8F' No 8233. lan Allan, 48pp, illus,
Reviewed Rly Wld, 1984, 45, 238

Williams, Alfred
Life in a railway factory. Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 2007.
See Ottley 4109: work originaly published in 1915: see also Ottley Supplement for additional information under entry 4109 which refers to Leonard Clark (1) a reprint of the 1915 work with an introduction by Clark published by David & Charles in 1969, and (2) a work (pamphlet?) by Clark: Alfred Williams: his life and work published in 1945. Powerful critique of working conditions in Swindon Works written by a countryman with considerable literary talent. Original reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1916, 22, 16.

Williams, C.
A register of all the locomotives now in use on the London and North Western Ry. Crewe: Author, 1922.
This edition was reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1922, 28, 122. This "edition" is not in Ottley for which see 6594 and 6595 [KPJ: never actually seen]: Last listed announced in Locomotive Mag., 1911, 17, 254
Supplement to the register (1922 edition) of London axd North Western locomotives, showing corrections to June 30th, 1924.
Reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1924, 30, 328

Williams, F.S.
The Midland Railway, its rise and progress. London, 1876.
Ottley 6900: several editions.
Our iron roads.
Ottley 42

Williams, Geoffrey
Stars of steam: clasic locomotives and their engineers. Penryn: Atlantic, 2000. 144pp.
Further information

Williamson, David and Claire
Railway snowploughs in the North East. North Eastern Railway Association. 88pp.
Reviewed by BCL. [Barry C. Lane?] in Backtrack, 2015, 29, 446: very well received.

Williamson, J.W.
A British railway behind the scenes: a study in the science of industry. London, Benn, 1933. x, 213 p. + 25 plates. (incl. 1 folding). 29 illus., 2 diagrs.,map.
L.M.S.R. activities: see review in Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1933, 39, 316..
Railways to-day. London, O.U.P., 2nd ed. 1951. xviii, 154 p. + front. + 25 plates. (incl. 1 folding). 55 illus., 19 diagrs., table, plan, 2 maps. (The pageant of progress1).

Wilson, A.N.
Prince Albert: the man who saved the monarchy. London: Atlantic Books, 2019. 430 pp.
See under Prince Albert

Wilson, David
How steam locomotives work. Hemel Hempstead: Argus Books, 1993. 89pp.
Glossary. Poor diagrams, but somtimes surprisingly informative colour pictures. Text refers to non-existent diagram of Bulleid valve gear.

Winkworth, D.W.
Bulleid's Pacifics. London: Ian Allan, 1974. 264pp.
Highly critical: contains a considerable amount of information about running in service.
The Schools 4-4-0s. London: Allen & Unwin, 1982. 112pp.
Very thorough monograph: notes experiments on draughting; two illus. of wooden mock-up for streamlining; illus. of "30,903" (note comma) and other painting variants; much performance.

Wise, Sam

Surnames beginning "Wo"

Wojtczak, Helena
Railwaywomen: exploitation, betrayal and triumph in the workplace.  Hastings: Hastings Press, 2005. 375pp.
During WW1 and WW2 women were employed as engine cleaners, and to a limited extent withinm railway workshops. It was only recently that lady drivers became accepted by London Underground and by most of the Balkanized "train operating companies". On preserved railways they even fire and drive steam trains. See letter in Backtrack, 2014, 28, 125.

Wolff, Charles Ernest
Modern locomotive practice: a treatise on the design, construction and working of steam locomotives. Manchester: Scientific Publishing Co. [1903]. viii, 267pp + 8 folding plates. 150 illus.
Ottley 15752 (note records Chapter 14 surveys valve gears). Also author of Chapter on locomotive engineering in Fowler's Mechanical Engineer Pocket Book (1899 edition)

Wolstenholme, Arthur Nigel

The wonder book of railways (new edition). Edited by Harry Golding, London: Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd.
As a child KPJ owned at least one or two of the Wonder books, but never the one on railways until late in 2016 he was given one out of the blue, albeit one produced in the immediate period after nationalization when an attempt was made to convert the various company names to "regions". This entry was "inspired" by a review in the Locomotive Mag., 1921, 27, 192. For his 84th birthday his Sister-in-law gave him one of the original edition with its excellent colour plates plus some cuttings from the late 1920s or early 1930s. Ottley 7868 which states first published in 1911 See also Atterbury's dreadful Wonder Book of Trains

Wood, Ghislane
Art deco by the sea. Norwich: Sainsbury for the Arts, 乐彩网17500cn. 164pp.
Catalogue for an exhibition which is to move eventually to Newcastle. KPJ: not quite on the scale of the one held at Hayward Gallery, but very good: railway posters, large model of Gresley A4 in Silver Jubilee livery.

Wood, Nicholas

Wood, W.V. and Stamp, J.C.
Railways. London, 1928. 252pp.
Ottley 88

Woodcock, G.
Miniature steam locomotives. Dawlish: David & Charles, 1964.
Ottley 2408

Woodcroft, Bennet
Alphabetical index of patentees of inventions, 1617-1852

Woolliscroft, David J.  and Fell, Mike G.
Gone to War: The North Stafford's fallen railwaymen. Lightmoor Press. 232 pp..

WORLD railways, 1950-51; edited by H. Sampson. London, Sampson, Low. Marston, 1951—
This is similar in conception to the Jane's series on fighting ships and aircraft, except that it has never achieved annual publication. The same concept of restricting the material to relatively new designs is also followed. Therefore the earlier volumes are of greater interest for steam locomotives. In addition to describing locomotives, it describes the major railway networks and their civil engineering features. Third edition which changed orientation from lanscape to portrait reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 12. Fourth edition reviiewed in Locomotive Mag., 1957, 63, 20 which is notable for including an extended section on USSR railways,

Worling, M.J.
Early railways of the Lothians.  Midlothian District Libraries. 64 pp,
Reviewed (well received.) by Bill Rear. NBR Study Gp. J. Issue 46 page 24

Wragg, David

Wrottesley, A.J.F.
The Great Northern Railway. London: Batsford, 1979-81. 3 volumes
In part based on research by J.R. Whittle. The production standard of Volume 3 falls substantially below that normally associated with Batsford
The Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway. 2nd ed. Newton Abbot: David & Charles: 1981.

Yate, Bob
The railways and locomotives of the Lilleshall 659乐彩. Irwell Press, 2008. 136pp.
"well researched": Warwick Burton: J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 2009, 36, 60

Yeadon, W.B.
More Illustrated History of the Railways of Hull, Challenger Publications, 1995.

Yoder, Jacob Herbert and George B. Warren
Locomotive valves and valve gears with a special treatise on valve setting. New York: Van Nostrand, 1917 [TEE Publishing, Warwickshire].
Seen probably at NRM

Young, Robert

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