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Kevin realises that it is a long way from the top of this web page to the bottom where Terence A. Mullarkey has done a much more thorough job on this mainly excellent publisher. In its early days the contributions by Roger Kidner were mildly eccentric and veering towards the style of Rowland Emett, who in Google terms is a sort of British National Treasure

George Ottley told KPJ that the Oakwood Press began life in a suburban garage (in Sidcup). Its early products were characterized by their plain grey cardboard covers and their high standard of printing and paper as illustrated above. The main participant was Kidner, and he was aided by Michael Robbins. The high standards set by this publisher have been spoilt to some extent by certain of the limitations of Chacksfield's output. The bibliographical record in spite of Ottley is poor: there is no index of Locomotion Papers in Ottley, for instance (as KPJ grows older and fears less a further encounter with George he stands less in awe of his master and is more ready to accept that he did make some mistakes in overall strategy..

The origins of Oakwood Press go back to 1931 when R. Michael Robbins, a 16-year-old schoolboy at Westminster School, started to publish a quarterly railway magazine entitled Locomotion. He was soon joined by Roger W. Kidner and the magazine was issued as a modest duplicated affair and ran until September 1934. From then on, the cover and photographic section were properly printed on a machine purchased and operated by Roger. The 'works' being a garden shed at his 659乐彩 in Sidcup, Kent. From March 1936 the magazine was printed by a comercial printer and continued to improve, until world War II stopped publication. Meanwhile it had been decided to exand into book publishing; at that time there had only been a handful of railway books published and the market was unknown. The first title chosen was The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway by L.T. Catchpole. This railway had closed in Autumn 1935 and the book was timely released in March 1936. Only 250 copies were printed as no great demand was expected; however, a reprint was needed by May of the same year, and the book has been reprinted numerous times since. The next titles to emerge from Oakwood were The North London Railway by M. Robbins, The Taff Vale Railway by D.S.M. Barrie and The Hull and Barnsley Railway by Dr. G.D. Parkes, plus the very informative eight parts of The Light Railway Handbook by Roger Kidner. Then came the war, the Press was to be out of action for about seven years. Post-war, paper rationing was strict and the allocation for the Oakwood Press extremely small, however, a few new titles and reprints were released in 1946. It was decided not to restart the magazine, but to convert it to occasional small books on subjects not covered elsewhere, called 'Locomotion Papers' (LPs). The first was by the well-known railway historian George Dow, The Alford and Sutton Tramway. The Oakwood Library of Railway History series, known as 'OLs', restarted agin in early 1947 with The Maryport and Carlisle Railway by Jack Simmons. Several more were produced until Michael Robbins (on taking up a position with London Transport) was required to relinquish editorship of the series, which for the next 35 years was edited by Roger Kidner. By the time advancing age made a transfer to younger hands necessary, 65 'Oakwood Library' railway histories, 153 'Locomotion Papers', and well over 100 other titles had been published. The latter included the series of large and detailed books on Welsh narrow gauge railways by J.I.C. Boyd, the first of which was published in 1949 and can be said to have begun the practice of publishing really deeply researched works into the history and equipment of the smaller railways and companies.
This listing is far from complete and tracing titles in the former BLPC was very difficult: now impossible. KPJ suspects that not even the Press knows what it has published! The Locomotion Papers are more like a recycling bin

Mullarkey has now changed all of this

In what series was C.E.J. Fryer's History of slipping and slip coaches published c1997?: copies in Hampshire County Library.

Boyd, J.I.C.

Kidner, R.W.
British light railways. Oakwood Press. 1938
Reviewed sympathetically, but criticising crude sketched of locomotives see Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 28. See also Ottley 2098
The development of the railway locomotive, 1880-1946 (1946) in A short history of mechanical traction and travel. v. II: Rail. Chislehurst (Kent),Oakwood Press, 1947. [vi] 150 p. + front. + 39 plates. 354 illus. (incl. 260 thumb-nail skitches). Bibliogs.
Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1947, 53, 113 observations.
The early history of the raiklway locomotive, 1804-1879. Oakwood Press, 1945.
Mullarkey A14,
reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 176
Light and narrow gauge locomotives [cover title]. Lingfield (Surrey), Oakwood Press, 3rd ed. [19 1. 32 p. 44 illus., table. (Light railway handbooks, No. 8).
Includes Ireland.
The light railway handbook a collected edition including—i. Standard gauge light railways. 2. Narrow gauge railways of Wales. 3. Narrow gauge railways of England. 4. Narrow gauge railways of Ireland. 7. Mineral railways. 8. Light and narrow gauge locomotives [cover-title]. [Oakwood Press], [196 1, Various pagination, 371 illus., (incl. 214 thumb-nail sketches), table, 70 maps. Bibliogs.
The light railway handbook. [Lingfield (Surrey)] , Oakwood Press, 5th collected ed., 1965. 56, N48, l28p. + 16 plates. 301 illus. (incl 130 thumb-nail sketches), tables, 61 maps. Bibliogs.
Multiple unit trains, railmotors and tramways, 1829-1947 in A short history of mechanical traction and travel. v. II: Rail. Chislehurst (Kent),Oakwood Press, 1947. [vi] 150 p. + front. + 39 plates. 354 illus. (incl. 260 thumb-nail skitches). Bibliogs.
The main reference consists of four separate works, most of which (but not this part) were also published separately. This part (pp. 107-50) has its own bibliography.
Narrow gauge locomotives.
See review in Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 157.
The railcar, 1847-1937. Sidcup (Kent), Oakwood Press, 1939. 65 p. + 6 plates. 116 illus. (incl. 99 thumb-nail sketches), 7 tables.
includes a chapter on Sentinel and other steam geared railcars.
A short history of mechanical traction and travel. v. 2. Rail. Chislehurst (Kent), Oakwood Press, 1947. [vi], 150 p. + front.+ 39 plates. 350 illus. (incl. 260 thumb-nail sketches). Bibliog.
A collection of four separate works. Most were also published separately, viz: The early history of the railway locomotive, 1804-1879 (1946); The development of the railway locomotive, 1880-1946 (1946), The railway carriage, 1825-1946 (1946); and The multiple unit trains, railmotors & tramoars, 1829-1947. The thumb-nail sketches are poorly executed.
Standard gauge light railways. 1947.
2nd edition reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 148. Ottley 2098

Rimmer, Alan. Testing times at Derby: a 'privileged' view of steam.  Usk: Oakwood, 2004. 120pp.
First published in Locomotives, Large and Small

Locomotion Papers

Kidner, R.W. Steam lorry.  Lingfield. 1956. 28pp. (Locomotion papers, No. 3).
Harrington, J L. Channel Tunnel and ferry. South Godstone: 1949. 18pp.. (Locomotion papers, No. 4).
Kidner, R.W. The London tramcar, 1861-1951. South Godstone: 1951.. 46pp. (Locomotion papers, No. 7).
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Price, M.R.C. The Cleobury Mortimer & Ditton Priors Light Railway. Lingfield, 1963. 27pp. (Locomotion Papers No.21)
also 1995 edition with 88pp
Comfort, N.A. The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway. Oxford: Oakwood Press, new ed. 1986. 120 p. (Locomotion papers No.22)
Originally published 1965: quadrupled in size: extensive bibliography
Rush, R.W. and Price, M.R.C. The Garstang & Knott End Railway. Lingfield, 1964. 70pp. (Locomotion papers No.23)
Newham, A.T. The Schull and Skibbereen Tramway and Light Railway. [Lingfield (Surrey)], Oakwood Press, 1964. 32 p. + 8 plates. 16 illus., diagr., 2 plans, map. (Locomotion papers, No. 24).
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Kidner, R.W. The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway. (Locomotion Papers No. 35). 34pp.
Reviewed by MJ in Rly Wld, 1967, 28, 357
P. Butler et al. in Very Good condition published by Oakwood Press in 1969. The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway [Locomotion Papers No. 44]
Farr. A.D. Campbeltown & Machrihanish Light Railway. Lingfield:, 1969 (Locomotion Papers No. 45)
Ottley 9453
Western, R.G. The Low Gill branch: a lost route to Scotland. Lingfield: Oakwood, 1972. (Locomotion Papers No. 51).
Ottley 12175
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Ottley 10116.
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Ottley 12356
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Ottley 10481.
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Motive power was not very exciting: 517, 14XX, 1076, 75XX, 64XX and GWR railcars, both steam and diesel.
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Ottley 17710 claims inaccurate: see Rly Wld, 1985, 46, 16.
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Reviewed by Geoffrey Skelsey in Backtrack, 2019, 33, 765

Oakwood Library of Railway History

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First published 1937.
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This small monograph is exceptionally thorough and detailed: 2nd ed., 1959.  No change in the text, but a revised preface and illustrations. Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 194.
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Ottley 6886
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Info from Hampshire County Library OPAC
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Nine appendices: one of which documents Cambrian Coast Express; another Cambrian Railways' carriages which survived after 1925. Does not appear to cover sacking of Aston or report by Raven which led to this event. First edition reviewed Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 84..
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Additional notes by R.W. Rush

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BLPC verified
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Footnote on page 167 is probably incorrect: suspect that author mis-cited Lowe's reference to North London Tramways to imply that Alford & Sutton was an urban street tramway supplied by Dick Kerr.
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Merz is misspelt as Mertz throughout.
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Reviewed by MGF (Mike Fell) in Backtrack, 乐彩网17500cn, 34, 190 and in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc.,, 乐彩网17500cn, (237), 55 by Tony Kirby
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Reviewed by Grahame Hood in NBRSG Journal, 2019 (138), 48
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Reviewed by DJ. (David Jenkinson?) jn Backtrack who relates the sad story of publisher mismanagement coupled with death of the Author; also reviewed somewhat more generously by Gerald Leach in J. Rly Canal Hist. Soc., 乐彩网17500cn, (237), 58


Lawrence, Curly. 'LBSC' footplate reminiscences at New Cross; compiled by Klaus Marx.  1996. (RS4)
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This is a very moving account of a gifted engineer who was expected to work in dreadful conditions in all hours and whose mother suffered from very poor health. There are reminiscences of his father's meetings with J.M. (Max) Dunn

Series X

Tatlow, Peter. Harrow & Wealdstone: 50 years on, clearing up the aftermath. Usk, 2002. 120pp.
Mullarkey, Terence A.
The Oakwood Press: the first 80 years, 1931-2011: a collectors guide. Usk: Oakwood, 2012. 120pp. (X 100)
This is a relatively inexpensive bibibliography (or is it a publisher's catalogue?) of the output from the Oakwood Press which seemed to exist in a remarkably large number of locations (even this is partly resolved). The illustrations (99% of the covers are illustrated) are terribly small and people wanting further illumination will either have to hope that someone is selling a copy on E-bay (where it is possible to enlarge the thumbnail images) or get a magnifying glass. Having gone to all that trouble to seek out the entire oeuvre it is disappointing that no attempt was made to describe what was between the covers. Furthermore, it might have been better for the publisher, which has already wandered into audio-visual to have ventured into electronic publishing. Kevin sees that he purchased this from Robert Humm on 6 July 2012 (sad to stop at Oakham Station and not be able to pop out and see.


Howard Clayton The Duffield Bank and Eaton Railways. Lingfield. 1968. 92pp (X19)
Neither BNB nor Hampshire Public Library list whether this was a Locomotion Paper or Oakwood Library of Railway History

Probably belongs to one of many ill-thought out series

Bowtell, Harold D.
Reservoir railways of Mancester and the Peak. 1977.


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