Locomotives Illustrated

Bibliographers aptly consider this type of publication: grey literature. It is difficult to find and difficult to cite, and one is tempted to wonder why authors submit work to such series. Originally published by Ian Allan and later by RAS. Originally intended to exclude on the basis of being mainly pictorial, but the series (it is neither a part work, nor is it a proper journal) includes some excellent authors, notably Rowledge and Romans. Bibliographical chaos is ensured in that each Issue has three titles: a cover title, a title-page title and a title at the head of the text (the one used for the only copy inspected in depth). Would be glad of details of works falling in gaps. Many "turn up" on E-Bay and Abebooks and in piles at places like Weybourne: perhaps they should be known as Weybournes. The British Library regards them with utter contempt.

No 1
Cooper, B.K. The Royal Scots. 1974. 38pp

No. 2
Cooper, B.K. The Schools. 1974. 38pp.

No. 3

No. 4
Peppercorn Pacifics

No. 6
Cornwell, E.L. Black fives. 1976.

No. 7.
Cornwell, E.L. The King Arthurs. 1974. 38pp.

No 8
Cornwell, E.L. Counties of the G W R. 1974. 38pp

No. 11
idland compounds

No. 12
Cornwell, E.L. Bulleid Merchant Navies.

No. 13
GWR Kings.

No 15
Harris, Michael.
B R Standard 4-6-0s. 1977. 38pp.

No. 16
Stanier Pacifics.

No 18
Harris, Michael. Maunsell Moguls, 1978. 38pp

No 20
Harris, Michael. Gresley eight-coupled. 1978. 38pp.

No 21
Cross, Derek.   BR Standard tank locos. 1978. 38pp.

No 22
Cross, Derek. L M S Moguls. 1980. 38pp.

No 23
Cross, Derek.   Wainwright 4-4-0s and their derivatives. 1980. 38pp.

No 24
Cross, Derek. Saints and Stars. 1980. 38pp

No 25
Cross, Derek. Gresley A1/A3 Pacifics. 1980. 38pp.

No 26
Cross, Derek. B R Standard 2-6-0s. 1980. 38pp.

No. 27
Claughtons & Patriots

No 28
Cross, Derek.   Bulleid light Pacifics. 1980. 38pp.

No 29
Cross, Derek. G W R eight-coupled. 1980. 38pp.

No 30
Cross, Derek. The Bl 4-6-0s. 1980.38pp.

No 31
Cross, Derek. Midland 0-6-0s, 1980. 38pp

No. 32
Cross, Derek. Nelsons and Paddleboxes. 1980. 38pp.

No 33
Cross, Derek. The Great Western Railway's 2-6-2Ts. [1980]. 38pp

No 34
Cross, Derek. LNER Sandringham 4-6-0s & D49 4-4-0s. 1980. 38pp

No. 35
WD Austerity 2-8-0s and 2-10.0s.

No 36
Cross, Derek. L M S Jubilees. 1980. 38pp

No. 37
Cross, Derek.
The larger Brighton locomotives. 1984. 38pp.

No. 38
The LNER 'A4' Pacifics.

No. 39
G.W.R. pannier tanks (post 1923).

No. 40
The LMS 8F 2-8-0s

No 41
Booth, John. LSWR H15 and S15 4-6-0s. 1985. 38pp

No 42
Booth, John. GER Claud Hamiltons. 1985.38pp

No 44
Booth, John. The Drummond 4-4-0s and double singles of the LSWR. 1985. 38pp

No 45
Booth, John. Great Western 2-6-0s. 1985. 38pp

No 46
Booth, John. Thompson Pacifics. 1986. 38pp

No. 47
The LMS 2-6-4Ts.

No. 48
Leigh, Chris.
LB&SCR Terriers. 1986. 38pp.

No 49
Booth, John. Robinson GCR 4-6-0s. 1986. 38pp

No 50
Romans, Mike. GWR double-framed 4-4-0s. 1986.

No. 52
Romans. Mike.
Southern Q and Q1 0-6-0s. 1987. 38pp.

No 53
Booth, John. Gresley 3-cylinder 2-6-0s. ]987. 38pp

No 54
Rowledge, J.W.P. LNWR 4-4-0s. 1987. 38pp

No. 55
Romans, Mike. Dean & Collett 0-6-0s. 1987. 38pp.

No. 56
Winding, Peter. Wainwright tank locomotives. 1987. 38pp.

No 57
Romans, Mike. N E R 4-6-0s. 1988. 38pp

No 58
Romans, Mike. LMS Class 3P 2-6-2Ts. 1988. 38pp

No 59
Leigh, Chris. LSWR outside-cylinder tank locomotives. 1988. 38pp.

No 60
Romans, Mike. GWR 0-4-2Ts, 1988. 38pp.

No. 62
Atkins, C.P. The North British Railway Atlantics and 4-4-2Ts. 1988.

No 63
Rowledge, J.W.P. Midland Class 2 4-4-0s. 1989. 38pp

No. 64
Winding, Peter.
Pre-group[ing] Southern 0-6-0s. 1989. 38pp.
Includes LBSCR C2, C2x and C3 goods classes.

No. 66
Romans, Mike. Great Western 0-6-2Ts. 1989. 38pp.

No 67
Romans, Mike. Gresley 2-cylinder 2-6-0. 1989. 38pp

No 68
Romans, Mike. Rebuilt Royal Scots, Patriots and Jubilees. 1989. 38pp

No. 69
Romans, Mike.
Rebuilt Bulleid light Pacifics. 1990. 38pp.

No. 70
Great Western 'Castles' in BR days.

No 71
Romans, Mike. Peppercorn Al Paeifics. 1990. 38pp

No. 72
Ivatt 2-6-0s and 2-6-2Ts

No 73
Leigh, Chris. South Western 0-4-4Ts. 1990. 38pp

No 74
Rowledge, J.W.P. Somerset & Dorset Locos. 1990. 38pp.

No. 77
Rowledge, J.W.P. G E R 4-6-0s. 1991. 38pp

No. 78
Leigh, Chris.
Maunsell SR 4-4-0s. 1991. 38pp.

No. 79
British express 4-2-2s. 1991.

No. 80.
GWR Halls in BR days.

No 81
Rowledge, J.W.P. The Britannias. 1992. 38pp.

No. 84
Marx, Klaus.
LBSC four-coupled tanks. 1992. 38pp.

No. 85
The M&GN locomotives, 1992. IA

RAS Publishing from ?

No 87
Laithwaite, William. Gresley passenger tanks. 1993. 38pp

No. 88
Rowledge, J.W.P. LYR Express Locomotives. 1993. 38pp.

No. 89
Romans, Mike.
Bulleid light Pacifics. 1993. 38pp.

No 90
Smith, Martin. The Robinson Great Central 4-4-0s. 1993. 38pp

The 'Princess Coronation' Pacifics.

No 92
Rowledge, J.W.P. GWR & LNER Group 2-4-0s.
1993. 44pp

No 93:
Romans, Mike. NER Atlanties & Pacifies. 1994. 44pp

No 95
Marx, Klaus.
The Brighton 4-4-0s. 1994. 44pp.

No 97
Rowledge, J.W.P.  The L&NWR inside cylinder 4-6-0s. 1994. 44pp

No. 99
Booth, John. Merchant Navy Pacifics. 1995. 44pp.

No 101
Rowledge, J.W.P.  London Tilbury and Southend Locomotives. 1995. 44pp

No 102
Russell, Patrick. Gresley J38 aud J39. 1995. 44pp

No 103
Rowledge, J.W.P.  Royal Scot 4-6-0s. 1995. 44pp

No. 105
Aves, W.A.T. The Southern moguls including the River class 2-6-4Ts. 1996.
Also includes LBSCR K class.

No 106
Russell, Patrick. Gresley Al Paeifies. 1996. 44pp

No 109
Great North of Scotland Locomotives

No 110
Midland Railway Kirtley & Johnson 2-4-0s

No 111
Aves, W.A.T. The British 0-4-2. 1997.

No 113
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway passenger tank locos

No 117
Glasgow & South Western and Highland Railway 4-4-0s

No. 119
Marx, K. The London, Brighton & South Coast Railway 0-6-2 Radial Tanks. 1998.

No 121
L&NWR 2-4-0 and three-cylinder compound 2-2-2-0 and 2-2-2-2 express engines. 1998.

No 122
Main line 'Pugs' - the humble 0-4-0 tank locomotives.

No 123
North Eastern eight-coupled locomotives.

No 124
Adams LSWR 4-4-0s

No 125
Midland and LMS 0-6-0 tank locomotives.

No 126
Ivatt Great Northern Railway 4-4-0s

No 127
Aves, W.A.T. The larger Southern Railway 0-6-0Ts including the 'E1R' 0-6-2Ts. 1999.

No 128
Stephenson. Brian. Swindon's new century; the locomotives built in 1900-1909. 1999. 44pp.

No 129
The North London Railway tank locomotives

No 130
The Great Central Railway 2-4-2, 4-4-2 and 0-6-2 tank engines

No 131
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 0-6-0 and 0-6-0ST locomotives.

No 132
North Eastern Railway 4-4-0s

No 134
Stephenson. Brian. Swindon's new century: Part Two: The locomotives built in 1910-1924. 2000. 44pp.

No 135
LC&DR and SER four-coupled tank locomotives.

No 136
North Staffordshire Railway locomotives.

No 137
North British Railway 0-6-0s - LNER Classes 'J31' to 'J37'

No 138
Midland Railway passenger tank engines

No 139
Great Northern eight-coupled locos - LNER class '01','02', 'Ql-3' and 'R1'

No 140
Swindon's New Century Part III - The locomotives built in 1925-39.

No 141 London & North Western Railway 0-6-0s.

No 142 Great Eastern Railway 0-6-0s - LNER classes 'J14' to 'J20'.

No 143
SR heavy duty shunting locomotives.
Photographic review of Southern Railway shunting locomotives. Covered are the 'Saddlebacks', Urie G16s, Maunsell Zs, K&ESR 0-8-0T 'Hecate', 'USA' Tanks, and the diesel-electric shunters built by the Southern. A historical background for each type is provided plus building and withdrawal dates. 67 b/w and 8 colour photos

No 144
LMS Scottish passenger tank locomotives

No 145
Robinson Great Central Railway Atlantics - LNER Classes 'C4' and 'C5'

No 146
Swindon's New Century Part IV - The Locomotives Built in 1940-55

No 147
L&NWR passenger tank locomotives. 2003.

No 148
North Eastern Railway 0-6-0s - LNER Classes 'J21' to 'J28'

No 149
The Locomotives of the Isle of Wight

No 150 The LMS Class '5XP' 4-6-0s - The 'Patriots' and 'Jubilees'

No 151 North British Railway six and eight wheeled tank locomotives.

No 152 Swindon's New Century Part V - The Final Years

No 153
Great Northern Railway 0-6-0s - including LNER Classes 'J1' to 'J7'. 2004.

No 154
LMS Scottish Goods Tank Locomotives

No 155
The Locomotives built at the Southern Railway Works 1- Eastleigh

No. 156
Aves, W.A.F. Great Central Railway 0-6-0 tender and tank locomotives. 2005. 48pp.
Extensive tabulated information, photographic illustrations mainly, but not exclusively from RAS. Lack of line drawings or diagrams.

Updated 2007-12-05

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