Eustace Alfred Phillipson

Remarkably although Phillipson's books command huge prices on abebooks.com, and some of them were available at Hertfordshire's New Barnfield book-store, there are no copies in third-world Norfolk. Thus it is difficult to establish whom he was, although he was clearly associated with servicing locomotives at Stratford from at least 1916 when he joined the ILoco E until the 1930s, See J. Instn Loco. Engrs, 1926, 16 pp.332 et seq for free snippet of info. Patent.:
GB 234561 Improvements relating to steam superheaters Applied 1 March 1924. Published 2 June 1925

Essays of a locomotive man. London, Locomotive Publishing Co.,[19 ]. [viii], 143 p. + front. + folding plate. .11 illus., 12 diagrs., 5 tables.
A collection of varied material from the Locomotive
Steam locomotive design: data and formulae. London, Locomotive Publishing Co., 1936. 444 p. + front. + 31 plates (incl. 30 folding). illus., 88 diagrs., 67 tables.
A textbook. Originally published in the Locomotive between 1929 and 1935. Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 131.
The steam locomotive in traffic. London, Locomotive Publishing Co., [1949]. [iv] ,252 p., + iv p. adverts. + front. + 25 plates (incl. 17 folding). 64 illus., 55 diagrs., 8 tables, 3 plans.
Short extract in Hardy

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